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Trek 5200 Frame Set(6 posts)

Trek 5200 Frame Setjasonmb
Oct 5, 2001 11:22 AM
My LBS is offering to order me a new 2002 trek 5200 Frameset (frame, fork, headset) for 1100. This a good price? Or ill I get better s the winter goes on?
re: Trek 5200 Frame Setgrzy
Oct 5, 2001 3:45 PM
It's roughly what they've cost for a while - does this include the fork? I'm not a big fan of their forks, but that's just me. It's unlikely the price will get much better since it's a 2002 model - now a 2001 or 2000 should go for a little less, but it's still the same basic thing. Decide if you like the feel of the ride before you buy. A decent deal on something you end up not liking isn't much of a deal. Not that there's anything wrong with an OCLV (had one myself for several years).
re: Trek 5200 Frame SetDavidS
Oct 5, 2001 3:55 PM
Just for comparison:

I bought a new 2002 Trek 5200 complete (as shown on thier web site, with full Ultegra) for $2200. I am very happy with the fit, finish and ride. I uprgaded from a very old steel bike, and I love the OCLV ride. Enough said about how much I love the bike. HOWEVER, I have been thinking that I would like different "stuff" on it (seatpost, stem, saddle, bars, headset, etc) and that maybe a frame for about $1200 would have been a better way to go, and that the costs would be about even. So, in answer to your question (sorry, i am rambling a little, its friday) the price seems very fair if you like the fit and ride. My LBS said they would have done the frame & fork for about 1200. By the way, I would have them keep the Cane Creek headset and have them swap (more money) a Chris King.

-David S
FYI, DavidElefantino
Oct 5, 2001 4:03 PM
I, too, wanted different "stuff." So I bought some new things and sold what came on the bike on eBay. All you have to do, it seems, is say it came off a "LANCE ARMSTRONG TREK" and the minions bid like crazy.
re: Trek 5200 Frame SetElefantino
Oct 5, 2001 3:56 PM
That's a little less than what my LBS was quoting me for a new frame, vs. $750 (Trek's cost to the LBS) to have my battered and broken frame repaired. I went with the repair job, which came with custom paint of my choice. Same warranty applies.

Apples and oranges, I know.
re: Trek 5200 Frame Setjasonmb
Oct 6, 2001 6:42 AM
That is for a 2002 frame and fork. I have a 2000 model trek 2300 , and i do enjoy that. I have always liked the oclv ( i have the 9.8 mountain bike ) but just never could put the cash together to get it. My neibor rides a trek 5200 and i have used that on occasion and love the feel of it. It fits me very well. What i was thinking is getting the frame, and building it up over the winter. I added it up, and it would cost roughly 2300-2500 to do it (my calculations, subject to error :) )But,

1. I would be able to build it myself, and
2. Be able to put the stuff I want on the bike.

Its sounds like the frame and fork is not going to get cheaper as winter goes on, so its just a matter of doing it i suppose.