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buying shimano stuff from japan(4 posts)

buying shimano stuff from japanweswu
Oct 4, 2001 5:48 PM
I've always seen Italian and European websites mentioned here as places to find cheap bikes and components. Just makes sense that you could get campy stuff cheaper from Italy, right?

So just out of curiosity, I went looking for Shimano stuff from Japanese websites. (I'm a Shimano user) Don't ask me, because I don't even remember the site I finally found the stuff at. It was all in Japanese amyways. Another disclaimer is that I didn't find a whole groupo. I had to price each component individually and add them up (minus the headset).

Well, the bottom line is that a Dura-Ace groupo (w/o HS) came out to $1300 U.S. Even if this place was one of the expensive ones, they couldn't be that far out of line with other Japanese retailers.

Anyway, just thought I couldn't be the only one who was curious...

re: buying shimano stuff from japanweswu
Oct 4, 2001 5:51 PM
and how come I can post these messages without the site asking for my password? Is this new (haven't posted in a while)
Call me jaded...javagenki
Oct 5, 2001 11:13 AM
I would be excited if you could find a Japanese shop or site that would sell you Shimano or anything else for less than you could find it stateside. That would mean the Japanese companies have stopped soaking the Japanese consumer to sell it to you and me for less. I lived in Japan for 7 years, and it used to crack me up that I could order and ship Japanese components from New York or Colorado for 40% less than they would cost me at my Japanese LBS. Good luck.
Your browser remembers your passwordJules
Oct 6, 2001 6:17 AM
and logs you in automagically when you visit the site. That's not the wordy technical explanation but basically that's what's happening.

Mine does the same thing.