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tire size AGAIN.....(9 posts)

tire size AGAIN.....Gall
Oct 4, 2001 3:06 PM
hello again....

my whole point for going out and buying a pair of conti touring tires in the 28 size was to be able to go on dirt roads and still be able to use my cylocross bike on the trainer this winter [and my LBS gave me a great deal on them]. and i wanted to have a wider tire for better control on the dirt roads.

but like my previous post stated the "28" tires are actually 25ish.... and they are a lot more narrow then i thought they would be. but after reading the link doug posted for me i should only use 25ish on my 13mm wheels.

so the million dollar question.... am i going to loose it big time on these wonderful mountain dirt roads i have all around where i live while using the 25ish tires? does anyone ride dirt roads with this narrow of a tire?

please give me some advice here... the leaves are looking so pretty here in PA and i want to get on these roads....

try themJofa
Oct 4, 2001 3:19 PM
The only real way to answer your question is- experiment. Yes, I ride dirt roads with 23c tyres- or whatever I might happen t have on my bike when I decide to go off-road: but there's no obvious index of 'dirtness' or 'acceptability' to recourse to; I've got out of my depth before, but usually found that whatever tyres I had would do the job even if I had to apply more circumspection than usual. Narrow and thin road tyres are clearly not designed for rocky, uneven conditions, but they'll usually do, and a few millimetres aren't going to make much difference.

Tyres are cheap :pop them on there, go out, maybe fall off, enjoy yourself. That's the principle off 'cross anyway, I always thought...

They workchar
Oct 4, 2001 7:02 PM
I've been using Conti Ultra 2000 tires in 25c or 28c depending what I can find, off-road is no problem. Just go out there and ride and have a blast.
my 700x35 Paselas are just SO nice in dirt...cory
Oct 4, 2001 9:22 PM
Everybody ought to have a semi-fast bike they can use to get off on dirt roads. Today I rode the Atlantis about 15 miles on pavement to where I could turn off on the canal path and look at the leaves, then did another 10 on the dirt... For the low cost of a larger set of tires, you really can make your bike a lot more versatile. I've run everything from 20s to as-big-as-I-can-cram-in-the-fork on my Allez (about 30mm actual width is the limit). Once you get past 25, you really feel the difference in dirt.
Duh, forgot one thing--cory
Oct 4, 2001 9:25 PM
You might experiment with lowering the tire pressure, too. You can't do much with skinny tires, but I weigh 220 and I've run the Paselas as low as 55psi (carefully) without pinch flats. Even five pounds makes a difference.
Big differenceHarry Hammer
Oct 5, 2001 4:43 AM
is on loose ground - you really loose it big-style with thin tyres, whereas with fatties you "float" more over the dirt, rather than cutting right into it. Also better shock absolrbtion (= more comfort = longer happier rides), and you have to be less careful re pich flats (= more time relaxing enjoying the ride, less time worrying about every root and ridge on the trail).

Just my 2c worth - I have a MTB with a downhill rear rim on, just so I can put a HUGE rear on there with a 35 front, which means that I can ride most anywhere in comfort and safety. Sure it's a little heavier, but if I am worried about speed, then I am on the road anyways, and it means I can put the miles in on the trails and really enjoy it.
I use the Conti 28s in the dirt. No problem.MB1
Oct 5, 2001 6:08 AM
But I am very comfortable on dirt. Being happy and relaxed on bad surfaces makes a real difference. Miss M isn't as comfortable on dirt so she uses 26X1.5 slicks on the Rivendell when we expect to ride on dirt roads.
re: tire size AGAIN.....dzrider
Oct 5, 2001 7:21 AM
I ride my bike with 700x23 tires on dirt roads every once and a while without falling down. I'd be leary of doing so in the mountains because I'm a real coward and I'd be holding my brakes on long down hills and that's not much fun. You may be braver than me, although if you're asking first you're probably not that much braver. Give it a try and be willing to be a little uncomfortable at first. You can always step off an you may learn to like it.
1.25" = 33mmdotkaye
Oct 5, 2001 8:04 AM
is what I ride on the dirt roads, Schwinn Continental with 27x1 1/4, so about 33's in metric. Can't handle deep sand/gravel, but otherwise don't have any troubles. I think you'd be fine with 28's and a modicum of caution.