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A story for you to read:(3 posts)

A story for you to read:Dave G.
Oct 4, 2001 8:26 AM
My friend Mark is in Switzerland. We generally ride off road, but we often put road tires on our bikes and hit the pavement (hey - even off roaders like to ride paved stuff too).

Anyway, Mark had been planning this trip for months, and was searching for a way to ride while he was in Switzerland.

As luck would have it, he somehow hooked up with "Fritz", an older man (66) who was a Swiss champion back in the 60's.

Fritz has been training Mark, they have been riding 3.5 hours per day on these pseudo mountain bikes all over this town, which has bike paths all over the place.

The funny part is that Mark can't keep up with Fritz! Whenever we ride, Mark is always wanting to "haul ass". Now he is struggling to even keep up with this Fritz gentleman.

Fritz literally waits on Mark, much to the dismay of his girlfriend.

Anyway, what a great show of human kindness from Fritz. He barely speaks English, but Mark says they communicate quite well. He has shown Mark the true spirit of kindness and cycling. He has been treating Mark like a best friend, teaching him how to properly maintain body position, etc.

Problem is now that they have tickets on SwissAir, which just shut down, so how they are going to get back to the US is questionable.

I just think it is way cool for this man to treat Mark to such a great experience.

There is hope that good will prevail in our society.

But Mark still can't keep up!

re: A story for you to read:raboboy
Oct 4, 2001 8:32 AM
That is fantastic for your friend.

Bummer about SwissAir, guess he will just have to spend some more time with Fritz. ;)
Another onemr_spin
Oct 4, 2001 9:05 AM
I did a week long mountain bike tour a few years ago, down the Kokopelli trail. Mostly the group was between 20 and 40 years old, but there were two 70-year old guys.

They both did OK, which shocked us all. But one of them (who I'll call Joe because I can't recall his name) was doing really well. There were a couple of consecutive days where we rode 40+ miles on tough terrain. Two days had 4,000 feet of climbing.

On the fourth day, we're on the final climb into the La Sal Mountains above Moab. We're at maybe 8,000+ feet altitude. The group is strung out all over the mountain, but Joe is up with front group. All the "young" folks are struggling, and Joe is moving along easily, and talking the entire time! We can't breathe and he won't stop talking!

We were absolutely amazed at the fitness of this guy. What was even more shocking is that he came from Illinois! There are no mountains in Illinois! How did he get to be such a strong climber? (My dad is from Illinois, by the way. I'm not knocking Illinois!)

We all shook our heads and tried to imagine that we would be anywhere near his fitness level when we turned 70. Joe finally revealed that he had been an Olympic athlete in his younger days. The steeplechase, I think.