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Question about road tires(5 posts)

Question about road tireskushogun
Oct 3, 2001 9:35 PM
Hi all. Was looking to purchase a new set of clincher tires to go on a new set of wheels. I have heard a lot about the Axial Pro, which I have used before. The Conti Grand Prix 3000, the Velomax, and Vittoria, sorry if I mispelled any of those names. Anyways, anyone with any suggestions for a 700c x (20-23). Also, any place to get these for less than $100/set? Thanks.
Some suggestionsbianchi
Oct 4, 2001 4:45 AM
You can buy Conti GP 3000s, Vittoria CX, and other good brands of tires from an Irish company, www., for about $30 each including tubes. I haven't ordered from them but have heard good feedback from others who have.

In the states, try Last time I checked, they had the Contis for about $30 each and Axial Pros for slightly higher.

I have tried a lot of different tires in the past year, including Axial Pros, Conti GP 3000s, Panaracer Stradius and Performance Kevlar. All of them seemed to perform and wear about the same, but I like the availability of different color combos in the Contis. Generally I buy whatever decent tire I can find on sale. Currently I am using Michelin Hi-Lite Prestige tires that I got from Performance for $19 each, and I can't tell the difference between them and Axial Pros. Supposedly they are more of a training tire and will wear better than Axial Pros but don't handle as well. I'm not sure what I think about the red sidewalls, though. I probably would buy a half-dozen Hi-Lites at that price if I could get them in all black.
re: Question about road tireskeyser soze
Oct 4, 2001 5:44 AM
I've used Conti and Michelin before and was happy with both. I recently was convinced to try a set of Veloflex Pave's. The ride on them is just great - although I can't comment on their longevity yet. I bought them at the LBS but I've since seen them online for $30 -$35.
Ditto LaBiciclettaLone Gunman
Oct 4, 2001 6:08 AM
$33.50 per tire shipped. LBS wants $47+tax as do Colorado Cyclist and the other usual suspects.
re: Question about road tiresRB
Oct 4, 2001 8:49 AM
Check out They have Vittoria Corsa CX (clicncher) for $23.51, Conti GP 3000 for $20.27 and Michelin Axial Pro for $22.80. I just got a pair of the Vittorias. You may have to wait a week or so for them to get to you but at these prices it is worth the wait. Shipping is $9.33 and there are no custom duties. Great deal!