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To MJ and Muncher(5 posts)

To MJ and MuncherJofa
Oct 3, 2001 7:42 AM
How did the HOTNC go? Muddy and faintly ridiculous, in a totally charming manner? I do hope so...

re: To MJ and MuncherMJ
Oct 3, 2001 8:12 AM
hey Jofa

yeah I was supposed to go - it dovetailed nicely with my wife running the Great North Run in Newcastle - and meant I had a good excuse to not run... half marathons are ridiculous

but after the 11th we got stuck with some friends (American refugees from Texas) who couldn't fly back to the states - they were at the bottom of the priority list for return flights as they were staying with friends and ended up staying 9 rather than the scheduled 2 days - it wouldn't have been very polite to leave them to their own devices while we jaunted about the country being masochistic

as it turned out the weather was terrible and I was happy not to be out...

don't know what kind of response they had for the ride - or even if it went ahead - alot of things were cancelled - nobody seemed to have the stomach for anything that weekend
of courseJofa
Oct 3, 2001 10:45 AM
it never occured to me that it was around the 11th. That event like no other sent shockwaves through everybody's lives it seems, not just emotionally but practically. I was in Spain to work on a Gala which was for a meeting of International Bankers, intended for the 12th... half of the people there were from the WTC, and were of course traumatised like no people I'd ever seen. The event, of course was cancelled. I'm sure enough has been said about all this in any case, on these pages (I've been elsewhere for a month), so I won't go on... except that, for my part, I went for a long ride up a mountain that day. Somehow I didn't want to be in a metropolis.

Beckoning winter thru' gritted teeth and clench'd jaw, Jofa
of courseMJ
Oct 4, 2001 12:59 AM
bring on the dark and the wet - will try my hand at a few cross races this autumn/winter

this board was indeed full of comments following the WTC - there were alot of very appropriate, intelligent and articulate comments that were (understandably) a long way from the board 'subject', there was also plenty of rather unpleasant posts and threads - I think everyone agrees we should stick to bikes here

do you keep riding through the winter? (other than commuting)
non-event for me.muncher
Oct 4, 2001 5:08 AM
In addition to all the other stuff going on, I got hit by a car and fractured my shoulder, which stuffed up my riding/training for a while, so I was tending toward not doing it anyway. I put a "howdidgo?" on the CX board, but got no responses, so perhaps it didn't happen at all.