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SIDI Energy SDS Shoe(7 posts)

SIDI Energy SDS Shoemorey
Oct 3, 2001 5:32 AM
I just recently purchased these shoes. So far they have been really comfortable. The only problem I have had with them is that the heel protector fell off. They have a replacement pad, even though they are expensive. Loc-tite is the solution. What ther views are there on these shoes?
re: SIDI Energy SDS ShoeRoxy
Oct 3, 2001 7:22 AM
I read a post from someone that bought a pair and had the heel fall off shortly thereafter. Turns out the screws are loose when bought.

Checked my new ones ASAP, and sure enough, had to tighten them.
re: SIDI Energy SDS ShoeLazy
Oct 3, 2001 10:34 AM
I had the same thing happen. It just disappeared one day. Other than that, the shoes have been great. I scratched the racheting device pretty good in a crash a while back and it still works fine. Very comfy, very stiff, look super cool.
mine just fell off yesterdayfiltersweep
Oct 3, 2001 4:20 PM
I really like the shoes, but I'm not all that convinced the stiffness adjuster is more than a gimmick. They are sized a bit small, but that is rather well-known. I REALLY like the fact that there is no velcro!
mine just fell off yesterdaymorey
Oct 5, 2001 8:48 AM
Stiffness Adjuster- sounds good - however, I feel the same way you do. They do not work!
re: SIDI Energy SDS Shoecioccman
Oct 4, 2001 9:53 AM
Holy smokes, I just went to check my Energy's and low and behold, they're loose. They've only got about 100 miles on them.....
re: SIDI Energy SDS Shoemorey
Oct 5, 2001 8:46 AM
One of mine fell off about the same mileage. Apparently, they are loose to begin with.