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Riding with a broken spoke---dangerous? (nm)(2 posts)

Riding with a broken spoke---dangerous? (nm)Tim
Oct 2, 2001 10:19 PM
re: could be...Akirasho
Oct 3, 2001 3:52 AM
The spoked wheel is a marvel of design and engineering... an ancient and successful concept... and with the advent of tensioned metal spokes, efficiency increased manyfold.

The strength of the wheel, in general, is garnered by consistent tension and/or even energy transmission (through the tensioned spokes) throughout the wheel as it rotates... break a spoke and you change that transmission.

To a point, you can ride with a broken spoke... but you're enhancing the possibility of transferring uneven tension to yet another spoke with yet another failure... at some point, the wheel is in danger of collapse.

Most often, you become aware of a broken spoke due to the periodic wobble or hop you feel as you ride. Unless you're on a minimalist spoked wheel, or are riding in a style where high lateral forces are encountered... it's generally safe to complete a ride... then get it fixed.

Just remember... if you can, remove the broken spoke... or at least, wrap it around another spoke or two, so it won't foul and cause a truely epic disaster.

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