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Lotto on Litespeeds(5 posts)

Lotto on Litespeedsmr_spin
Oct 2, 2001 4:15 PM
Looks like Litespeed takes over from bankrupt GT as the bike supplier for the Belgian Lotto team.

With all those new frames they are coming out with it will be interesting to see which one they use in the cobbled classics.
Lotto is missing out on a great marketing opportunityElefantino
Oct 2, 2001 7:38 PM
They should have stayed wth GT. They could have been the first team in the Euro peleton to claim "you can buy our bikes at Wal-Mart!"

Maybe Saeco will get smart and do likewise with Costco. (What was it I read on this board, that they are selling the R4000si there for, what was it, $179.95? Except you have to buy in bulk?)
I bet they ride the new aluminum frame.JS
Oct 2, 2001 8:50 PM
I read about this a couple of weeks ago and wondered the same thing. Think about it, Lotto currently has 23 riders, you figure probably 3 bikes a piece probably more not including TT machines. Just in raw Titanium without considering fabrication costs that would be ALOT of cash. Also these bikes would invariably be custom (more work), not off the peg. Add that to the $500,000 minimum sponsorship cost that bike manufacturers pay to sponsor a top level team, ouch. Aluminum is looking very promising after that. Also, I know Navigators rides Ti but that isn't a good comparison as they are a very small program.
LS could be......................Zoom
Oct 2, 2001 9:09 PM
trying to break into the Euro market. the only time an LS has been ridden in Europe it was always painted like something else i.e. Lance's Blade and Zulle's Vortex or whatever. Sponsering a Legit Div 1 euro road team is the fastest way to get your name known in Europe or wherever. Look at us, don't we scrutinize photo's of pros and their equipment? Someone here noticed that Toncovs (sp?) really was not a Lemond, but a C40 painted like one etc. Now LS can have a bonified race team, not that the Navigators are not, but they don't race in the Tour either. $500,000 for a team of guys who tend te always be on camera is pretty cheap advertising. Look at it this way, your going to watch the Tour next year and anything else OLN has cycling relaited right. Everytime you see a Lotto guy you see a LS. Easy.
LS could be......................maybezelig1
Oct 3, 2001 12:16 AM
You make some very valid points about brand recognition for LS. However, the economics in Europe, tax and import duty work against Litespeed. I have a Vortex I brought with me from the States three years ago. Up until this summer, I hadn't seen another Litespeed on the road in the UK or Europe. I would also note that the LS brand is fairly well known amongst UK cyclists but not the Continent. The cost of the Ti frame, plus import duty (15% in the UK), plus VAT (17.5% of the cost+import duty) makes US made Ti bikes prohibitively expensive. A Vortex here costs about £2,700. Forget the Vortex, would you pay $2,000 for a Tuscany frame w/o fork?

If the price point on their new Al bikes is lower, they'll be more competitive and my guess is that the Al frames will be the primary bike with exceptions for certain events. Cannondale has been relatively successful in penetrating the European market. There's a certain cachet to riding a US made machine, within a reasonable price, in Europe. It's like riding a Colnago in the States versus some of the fine US made bikes.

Well, I guess my Lotto bibs with GT on the butt need to be replaced.