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Why are the golf forums more fun than bike forums?(13 posts)

Why are the golf forums more fun than bike forums?spankdoggie
Oct 1, 2001 7:32 PM
Is it just me? I have been biking since I was 6 years old, and now I am 32 years old. I love riding my bike, done centuries, long rides, commuting 7 days a week for a 3 year period (20 hilly san francisco miles per day), etc.

Why are the golf forums filled with so much humor, and wisdom negligent of platitudes and such?

Oh well, just an observation...gotta head back to the golf forum,

Tim bike...

Serotta CSI
F1 Fork
Full Dura-Ace (I had an ultegra bottom bracket installed for obvious reasons)

Gotta love it!
Gee, tell us all about your great golf game and equipment. nfmDog Breath
Oct 1, 2001 8:46 PM
re: Why are the golf forums more fun than bike forums?mickey-mac
Oct 1, 2001 8:55 PM
You're probably mistaking post-golf drunkenness for "humor, and wisdom negligent of platitudes and such." Most folks around here stay sober enough to engage in a strenuous physical activity the following morning. Most of those over at the golf forum are probably just hoping to get through the following day without blowing chunks behind a tree after putting out on the 4th.

P.S. When you go back to the golf forum, tell Biff I said hello.
Oct 1, 2001 9:14 PM

So much anger.

It was just an observation from a "Mad" cyclist.

You guys are totally defensive, grow up.

...I used to sign autographs for my cycling skills by the way....

Oct 1, 2001 9:28 PM
Who's angry? I was just making my own observation as a cyclist. Some of my best friends are golfers. :-)
It is past my bedtime...spankdoggie
Oct 1, 2001 10:04 PM
There is nothing but love over here; we are all fellow cyclists.

The best cyclists do not have to be the best writers...and I am sure alcohol has a bit to do with the wit on the golf
forums we visit. ;-)


Cycle like the madman you are!!!!!!!!
What golf forum do you visit?9WorCP
Oct 2, 2001 4:33 AM
I want to see the superior wit for myself.
You invited it and now self-applaud too muchjtolleson
Oct 2, 2001 7:29 AM
You completely knew that by making a post that essentially goes on the attack, you'd provoke irritation. Why act so surprised when athletes don't like being compared unfavorably to another group?

That weird self-congratulatory stuff (we can all be whoever we want in the cyber world, so your claims buy little) doesn't help your case either.

Post with kindness and insight and receive same. Go into the "why are you guys so inferior" attack and you're just another troll.
re: a bad golf game improves your sense of the absurd. nmdzrider
Oct 2, 2001 5:08 AM
"Fore" = "On your left"? Topic, Should Golfers use a Bell?MB1
Oct 2, 2001 5:54 AM
Passion is passion. I believe that until recently golf was not appealing to many young men. Tiger Woods has made a difference there.

Cycling has always been attractive to young men.

Young men are often not as restrained in stating their opinions as one might like. Hence cycling forums are often not as restrained or as literate as forums attracting a generally older participant.

I normally find this to be a charming and amusing forum. Occasionaly I am annoyed by some of the posts and posters while still appreciating the freewheeling nature of the medium.

In other words-You blow buddy, crawl back to the 19th hole!
because golf...MiniMe
Oct 2, 2001 6:09 AM
is so boring you gotta be creative to have fun
That's obvious: It takes less to amuse a golfer. Duh! (nm)cory
Oct 2, 2001 7:41 AM
there's a place for everyone..k
Oct 2, 2001 1:59 PM
My dad was a golf pro and I learned the game early. What I have oberved, you have to have a sense of humor to play that game or it will drive you nuts. After spending several hours chasing a ball, you can look forward to several more hours of easing the humbling experience with liquor and bar food.Let's face it, most people who play are terrible and always will be but like the false sense of security. Humor then follows with overglorofied stories of the females they wish they had,etc.

People here have humor, just different than what you are used to. Athletes are very competitive people and are motivated by their own goals and by surpassing others so it's taken pretty seriously. You will find it in any sport that requires a disciplined committment of physical excersion. I guess from my perspective, I look at anything that doesn't require any form of adrenaline to be boring and that's how I view the fat ass that plays golf. I find the adolesence in the flame bait here humurous.

I will put caddy shack at the top of my favorite movies though.--Spalding