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8 speed dura ace compatibility(3 posts)

8 speed dura ace compatibilityturtlemoye
Oct 1, 2001 4:41 PM
I posted this in the components section but got few responses:

A friend offered to sell me an 8 speed dura ace shifter but told me it would only work with a dura ace rear derailleur. Is this true? I was hoping to use my XT derailleur already on my cross bike.

I checked out Sheldon Brown's page and he has a diagram where he has rerouted the way the cable goes into the derailleur and it is supposed to work. Has anyone tried this or known of anyone who has?

re: 8 speed dura ace compatibilityDave Hickey
Oct 2, 2001 3:12 AM
Sheldons drawing is for a nine speed D/A rear derailleur with 8 speed cogs. I have used this and it works fine. Nine speed D/A rear derailleur works fine with 8 speed cogs and even 8 speed D/A shifters. I can tell you 8 speed D/A shifters will work with any ROAD 9 speed Shimano rear derailleur. Other people have said the mountain groups will work but I have not tried this. If the mountain and road nine speed rear derailleurs have the same throw per click, than yes, you can use the 8 speed D/A shifters
re: 8 speed dura ace compatibilityRusty Coggs
Oct 2, 2001 4:04 PM
I gave it to you straight on the other forum and so did your friend. Don't you know how to listen? the guy that posted about having 8 speed DA on his trek 540 was either misinformed or full of BS. I have recent catalogues that indicate that the barends used on Trek 540 with 8 speed drivetrain is 8 speed Ultegra. iF the drivetrain was 9 speed, the barends would be 9 speed DA.Not the same. Sheldon Brown was about as clear as mud on some points. the diagram he used is the same one that comes with instructions for 9 speed DA rear derailer.Don't know if other 9 speed RD have alternate cable mount position. Have seem about all pre 9 speed RD and have not noted alternate cable mount position on them,or seen reference to it in instructions..Want to use the 8 speed DA STI shifters?? Get a 9 speed DA rear derailer or pre 9 speed DA rear derailer and be sure.As I already said, I have tried mixing pre 9 speed DA shifters/derailers with non DA shiftres/derailers, and, just like Shimano says,it don't work. Shimano ought to's their stuff........