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Miyata Titanium(3 posts)

Miyata Titaniumpaul
Oct 1, 2001 3:45 PM
I am thinking of buying a road bike and it is a Miyata titanium with Shimano 600 groupo and Mavic rima and Titanium saddle with Michelin 700*20c bio-dynamic tires
i am kinda being introduced to this awsome sport so if you could e-mail me or advise me in some way that would great i would really appreciate input thanks!
re: Miyata Titaniumfuzzybunnies
Oct 1, 2001 5:00 PM
You need to give more information. How much are you paying, if it's used how many miles, is it down tube shifters or the newer sti levers. Most importantly does the size fit. Starting with a ti frame that fits could be nice since there's liable not to be a need to replace the frame any time soon but you can still upgrade later on. Which also brings up the question of how many sppeds is it. If it's seven don't pay too much since a 7sp bike can't really be upgraded without changing anything. You can change from 8 to 9 by simply changing the shifter and the cassette and getting by with what you have. Try to get more info and better advice can be given. -Russell
bonded ti, right?club
Oct 2, 2001 6:18 AM
the only miyata ti bikes I've seen used separate, rather ugly and bulky lugs, with the ti tubes bonded into them. not that that's bad per se, but glue bonds have proven to be the weak link in many older round-tubed carbon fiber frames. I had an Alan Carbonio come apart at the head tube/downtube joint; a Vitus 3-tube carbon separate at the down tube/BB shell; and once yanked both chainstays out of the BB shell in a sprint on a 9-tube carbon Vitus. Never yet had a welded ti joint fail, although owners of Clark-Kent welded ti frames can tell you some horror stories about contaminated welds failing and cracking. Not sure of the ti tubes' composition, my best guess would be a strong version of CP, rather than the 3al/2.5v alloy used in the U.S. I know Fuji's ti frame was CP, which on paper is less strong than 3/2/5,but in practice, is plenty strong enough for a road bike. If the price is right, I think you'll be fine with the Miyata, I know Hideo-san Miyata, and his US rep/tester/R&D/public relations guy, H.B., and can vouch for their dedication to the brand. Don't get too worked up about needing STI and 9 or 10 rear cogs, you can have a fine time riding a bike with 6 cogs and downtube shifters. It won't be state of the art so the magazine geeks would probably thumb their noses, but we all managed just fine in the Old Days with 6 cogs and no boutique wheelsets. I still ride a 13-18 straight block with downtube shifters on a nice Italian steel bike and it doesn't seem to hold me back.