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Busted up steel road frame, need advice?(3 posts)

Busted up steel road frame, need advice?NH dude
Oct 1, 2001 3:00 PM
I have a old road bike.i left it outside and some drunks hung it over the rail and bent the whole rear half of the bike ( the rear triangle ) bent it back enought so it will ride once i straighten the rear wheel. This used to be a training bike that i picked up for 100 my $$$$$$$$$ is a mid eighties puegot road bike gray with pink lettering, the rear shifter is indexed the front is not. it has two rings up from and has sugino cranks.
how safe is it to just ride around town? back and forth to work. Its got burly old school wheels. I drop curbs with it. HOw safe is it?
No expert, but...sketchy
Oct 1, 2001 3:21 PM
....I spun my car out on an icy exit ramp about 8 years ago with a steel Rockhopper on the back. The bike got hit so hard it bent the rear triangle and smashed the tailgate in. On a lark I took it to a bike shop who had the tools to bend it back. Rode it for about a year then turned it into a hybrid which my Dad still rides.
Dependsnee Spoke Wrench
Oct 2, 2001 5:40 AM
The technical industry term for your bike is a "piece of ----," but you knew that already. If you get enjoyment from riding an old beater bike until the frame breaks or rusts through, why not? I had a friend in college who would drive old VW bugs until the head burned off the #3 exhaust valve and totaled the engine. Then he would just coast into the ditch, take off the license plates and get another one. It's a lifestyle choice.

The nice thing about a bike like this is it's actually lighter in weight than many fancy racing bikes because you don't have to lug along a heavy chain or U-lock on your ride to work.