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The third occasional NSA/OCE Century Report.(5 posts)

The third occasional NSA/OCE Century Report.MB1
Oct 1, 2001 1:02 PM
I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out when I posted the ride here. We usually ride with folks that like long and hard rides. The NSA/OCE route was chosen for ease of riding on a fixte. I was a little worried that no one would show up.

I was quite pleased when 17 riders showed up to do the ride, 5 on fixers and Humma on the Humma Ha Curiser. The group was fairly mello after all the hard rides we had done in the last month. I was a little surprised and pleased to see Humma there, I knew he hadn't been riding much after his Mega-milage effort earlier in the month.

No one seemed to be in a hurry and most of us stayed in a fairly tight group cruising along and gabbing for the first 33 miles. At that point the gearies decided that they had enough of this not shifting or coasting nonsense and took off. They actually seemed to have a lot of fun trying to make like a fixed bike till then though.

Keith who was riding an ATB with enough stuff on it to sink the Bismark was the only geared rider to not shift for the entire ride. He was also the first to finish the century. The next 3 finishers were fixers.

Humma caught us at lunch and seemed to be in pretty good spirits. The next time I saw him was with about a mile to go. It turned out he had skipped the last bit of hills by using his local knowledge and taking a busy but flat shortcut. Except for his shortcut the ride was very rural and low traffic. Quite pretty if you like horse country and farms.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the low key nature of the ride. It is nice to do a fairly easy goof off ride once in a while. It was the third time Miss M and I had done the ride on our fixers, we seem to be getting better at it. Riding track bikes is a very pleasant change from our usual 27 speed bikes. It is really nice to not have to think about shifting or coasting. The downhills get a little tough at the end of a long ride though.

If there is any interest here we will probably run a Metric Century in November and perhaps a December in town DC ride. It will be just more fun/goofing off miles. Otherwise if anyone wants to join us for the regular Saturday/Sunday century let me know and we can have you added to the mailing list.
Well I'm jealous.Spinchick
Oct 1, 2001 2:01 PM
I guess you better keep me on that list for the rest of the year. What's in place of snowcones on a cold day?
As you should be!MB1
Oct 1, 2001 3:26 PM
Hot chocolate of course!
One other thing, at lunch Miss M looks at Hummas bikeMB1
Oct 2, 2001 5:39 AM
trys to pick the thing up and says, "I draw the line at riding bikes that weigh more than I do."
MB1 -- I'm in. Add me to the mailing list. Sorry (for me, notbill
Oct 2, 2001 7:05 AM
for you) that I couldn't make it this past Saturday.