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E-ville season ending. my 2001 haiku ride report. and yours?(4 posts)

E-ville season ending. my 2001 haiku ride report. and yours?Spiritual Haiku
Oct 1, 2001 7:29 AM
January, cold
scheduled gym and trainer time
still losing the weight

February, club
first rides with the local group
bags over cold toes

April, new triple
hilly metric leg burner
too fast from the start

April, the next week
two days in the Ozark hills
looking for my legs

May, one thousand miles
chattanooga mountain ride
my first century

June, first club event
near seventy miles with pack
nobody has legs

July, training rides
weekend long steady distance
first wreck (not my fault!)

August reached the goal
three thousand miles for the year
train for September

September three rides
two double metrics, some spin
M S one fifty

first September ride
early month, and Birmingham
hilly double metric

yes, i did suffer
the last thirty miles of hills
accomplished, did i

next September ride
one sixty over two days
century first day

M S one fifty
long, flat roads of miss-ee-sip
found my legs out there

last September ride
the local double metric
speed sixteen point five

weeknight group will stop
no more club rides after work
dark coming too soon

October event
duathlon at end of month
yet another first

November event
twelve hour team mountain bike race
yet another first

November event
jeffreyh will be thirty
oh no! geritol!

my December plans
include trainer time, weight loss
working 'round the house

two thousand one goal
was three thousand miles on bike
already near four
My 2001 goal was to ride less, didn't work out. nmMB1
Oct 1, 2001 12:21 PM
Sorry, no haiku, but here it is:look271
Oct 1, 2001 3:38 PM
Just hit 3k for the year (most miles-ever). 1 century down and another comming up in 2 weeks (Seagull Century). I'm feeling like I'm in top form; better than I've ever felt. If the weather doesn't get too ugly too quick, I could be looking at 4k! This is uncharted territory for me. I have gone from avoiding hills to looking for new climbs every week. Still don't climb great, but at least I'm not a rock; I actually pass alot of people now, climbing. This qweek, the weather looks great, so I'll get in a 100+ again, before the weekend! (Working 2nd shift has advantages-don't have to worry about daylight savings time). Life is very good.......
re: E-ville season ending. my 2001 haiku ride report. and yours?mickey-mac
Oct 1, 2001 4:36 PM
january luke
the baby cries all night long
dad cries all day long

february doc
luke the baby gets zantac
dad now gets to ride

march new bike arrives
strong foco cream soda blue
can bike sleep with us

april showers not
this is l.a. sunny days
angeles forest

may is happy month
daughter's four baby's smiling
more miles every day

june days are longer
on the road at six a.m.
can ride after work

july can't beat me
headband under helmet now
unzip jersey too

august central coast
cambria to monterey
wife is happy too

september my god
planes and buildings falling down
bike less important

october is here
six thousand five hundred down
bike keeps spirits up