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Question for grzy about Polar s710(3 posts)

Question for grzy about Polar s710NewRoadBiker
Sep 30, 2001 10:23 PM
In an earlier message you mentioned that you traded in an old HRM for 40% off your new Polar s710. Can you provide details on how to do this, I looked at the Polar USA site and didn't see any info on this? I'm interested in getting one of the s710's as well. Do they take HRMs as trade in from other manufacturers? ...for instance, would they accept a Cardiosport as a trade in? Thanks for any info you can provide! I appreciate it! :o)

re: Question for grzy about Polar s710interested
Oct 1, 2001 4:14 AM
I would like to know how to get the 40% off too.
re: Question for grzy about Polar s710grzy
Oct 1, 2001 8:33 AM
I'm afraid that it's only offered to their units that are sent in for service. Mine was toasted: cracked crystal; bad receiver; bad transmitter. I was looking at something like $150 to get mine fixed. They offered the discount on a new unit, so I said sure. You may even have to be the orginal owner of a unit sent in, but I don't know how strict they are. Also, realize it took me over 9 months to get the S710 due to availability problems.