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So who else rode the MiSery 150 this weekend?(9 posts)

So who else rode the MiSery 150 this weekend?MikeC
Sep 30, 2001 5:00 PM
(That's actually the City-To-Shore MS150).
What a weekend! The weather forecast was about as wrong as it could be, calling for occasional rain on Saturday, and blue skies with a breeze on Sunday. However, on Saturday, we had no rain, but the headwind riding into Ocean City was 20 mph, gusting to 40, according to one of the local radio stations!
Then today (Sunday), it rained from the time we left Ocean City to the time we pulled into Cherry Hill. And not just rain, but 38 degree wind chill, soaking, spirit-sapping, bone-shivering rain, driven by gusty winds! The most popular fashion accessory was the ubiquitous full-body plastic garbage bag!
Anyone else out there do the ride? It was the maiden voyage for my new Seven Odonata, and the first 150 for my wife, two kids, and two friends of ours with their two kids. Hey, if there really were over 5,000 of us, at least we raised a couple of million bucks to fight MS!
way to go Mike!msrider
Sep 30, 2001 6:16 PM
I didn't do the ride but just wanted to say thanks for riding in some nasty conditions. As a rider with MS, it is heartening to hear of so many people doing the ride and sticking it out.

I had a similar experience on a New England MS ride earlier this summer. Pouring rain and cold. Not fun. My MS is fortunately rather mild and doesn't prevent me from riding and even racing. What kept me going on the rainy ride was knowing that in a few hours I would be out of the nasty conditions and be warm, dry, and comfortable. People who are severely challenged by MS can't just remove themself from their condition and feel better. So thanks for participating along with your family and friends!
You make a great point.MikeC
Oct 1, 2001 8:52 AM
We were physically challenged and uncomfortable for a few hours. Many MS victims suffer every day for a lifetime.
And in spite of everything, my group all signed up and paid our registrations for next year as soon as we got to the finish line...
I credit MS rides for my entre into serious cyclingjtolleson
Oct 1, 2001 9:02 AM
Good for you!!!! My mom was diagnosed with MS in 1991. I ran out, borrowed a bike and rode the MS150 three weeks later. OK, unprepared, wrong sized steed with sneakers on ... it nearly killed me.

Ten years and three upgrades later I've done plenty of Colorado's hardest non-race events, put in thousands of miles a year, but never forget (and never stop loving) the MS150!
Only did the "good" legCRM
Oct 1, 2001 9:20 AM
I rode the Cherry Hill-to-Ocean City leg on Saturday. We stayed the rest of the weekend at a friend's house in Stone Harbor. When we woke up on Sunday, we thanked our lucky stars we weren't riding the return leg! It reminded me of last year's City-to-the-Shore (2000) when it poured buckets on the trip into Ocean City.

A couple of thoughts: We were kinda disappointed in the quality of the rest stops this year. Last year's were so good and so abundantly stocked and we really looked forward to them again, but this year's were nothing in comparison. I know it probably depends on what they get donated in any given year, but the difference this year was striking. Not a reason to do or not do the ride, of course, but I was really looking forward to some Ho Ho's at the first rest stop!

Also, that wind on the final stretch was unbelievable! I had my head down and my legs burning to maintain 17 mph and get to the finish so I could get out of the wind and down a couple of pierogies!
I agree about the rest stopsMikeC
Oct 1, 2001 10:18 AM
The goodies were pretty pathetic this year. I was counting on some of the ClifShots and Balance Bars we had last year. The rookies I recruited were really disappointed after what I had told them to expect. There were also fewer of the "inspirational" sayings on the side of the road.
You made the smart decision to do the one-day option. Last year's rain was heavier, but this year's was colder by far!
re: So who else rode the MiSery 150 this weekend?Dick Voelkel
Oct 1, 2001 11:58 AM
Truly the worst "ride from hell" (weatherwise) I have encountered on all the past 12 years of riding MS-150's in Maryland and New Jersey. My kudos to the great organization, food, rest stops and fantastic volunteers who were out there with us in the rain trying to help us cope. There must have been a biker with a flat tire every 100 yards. Those support people really had their hands full, but they did a great job!
re: So who else rode the MiSery 150 this weekend?TorpadoGuy
Oct 1, 2001 12:27 PM
My wife and I did it. Our first time too. I don't think she
will be doing it again. She's only had a "real" bike now for
about 8 months and 1200 miles. My only problem with the rain/cold was that I was forced to ride with my wife @ 12mph
in the rain. I couldn't even warm up at that speed. So I
then decided to use the event for interval training. I'd be
all rested, then blow by 100 to 200 riders at 25mph for about
2 miles, then stop under a tree and watch all those people I
passed, now passing me. Hey, it was the only way to stay warm. Avoiding HYPO-THERMIA was the name of the game by mid-afternoon, as it was no doubt getting colder.

This morning I reminded my wife that she will never forget
her MS-150.
re: So who else rode the MiSery 150 this weekend?ewit
Oct 2, 2001 2:41 AM
I did my first century on sat. in that wind that was hard enough I got a ride home after that. I stayed in sun. and looked out side once in awhile and thanked god I did not ride back.