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Reminder for Tri-state Cyclists(4 posts)

Reminder for Tri-state CyclistsLive Steam
Sep 30, 2001 4:13 PM
I would like to remind those of you that live nearby that next Sunday is our supported ride - The Pumpkin Patch Pedal out of Jamesberg, NJ. I hope some of you can attend. If you have any questions please email me at . this is the club web site this is the info on the ride
Thanks for the reminder...Spinchick
Sep 30, 2001 4:17 PM
I'm hoping to join you for at least the metric. I haven't ridden more than 20 miles in two weeks so we'll see how things go. Hope to be feeling well enough by then.
Glad to hear it!Live Steam
Oct 1, 2001 4:36 AM
If you weren't able to register by internet, day of is fine. You just won't receive one of our nifty long sleeved T-shirts though :-( Perhaps I'll be able to scroung one or two for those of you here who didn't get in in time. I will be getting to the ride site early to help set up breakfast, so just ask around for Bill (me). Bring friends as it is a nice day of riding. I will more than likely be doing the metric as I'll have to get back in time to help out later in the day, but I love to have you join us.

For anyone else out there planning to attend, please look for me and introduce yourself. I would like to be able to put a face with the name when reading the board!
OK...we'll see.Jay
Oct 1, 2001 7:23 AM
I may be able to attend... I'll see if I can find ya.. If not, I'll be a short Chinese guy with a Seven Axiom (assuming a nice day)... I didn't hear about this til last week so I missed early reg, but I guess one cannot have enough ride shirts and stuff. I've got drawers full of them.