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Criterium races(3 posts)

Criterium racesnewracer
Sep 30, 2001 9:27 AM
Hi, ive done a few road races and this weekend i have a cirterium im going to do but i dont understand how they time it or whatever, it says 15 minutes+5laps, how do u work that? do u just race for 15 minutes then when they say thats up u have 5 laps to go? but then how do they keep track of what happned in the 15 minutes. its all confusing, can u help me out. thanks
re: Criterium racesjacques
Sep 30, 2001 5:11 PM
Unless there are seriuos complications, this is how it works:

After 15 minutes of racing, the PACK has 5 laps to go.

When the PACK finishes their 5th lap, the race is over. If YOU are one lap behind (down on) the pack, the race is over for you as well, even though you only did 15 minutes and 4 laps.

If YOU are one lap ahead (up on) the pack, the race is over for you at the end of YOUR 5th lap and you are the winner.

Hope this helps.
re: Criterium racesbadabill
Sep 30, 2001 5:57 PM
Just as it says, after 15min you race for 5 laps to finish. You will get a bell ring for the last lap. Crits for begginers at this distance are sprints, try to find out before the race who are the favorites and cover any breaks they might try. have fun , allways watch your inside and try to stay out of trouble your first race:-)