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New USE Seatpost(3 posts)

New USE SeatpostAvanti Guy
Sep 30, 2001 4:16 AM
Heya people,

Well I was just browsing around at work killing some time when I came across this little gem, . It looks like USE are about to bring out a new seatpost, does anyone have any more info on it? It would be cool if it was lighter than the normal carbon one, I am guessing they have a booth at Interbike so if anyone is there could you please check with someone from USE for me :)...
Hope you all had good weekend rides.
re: New USE Seatpostzoom
Sep 30, 2001 11:19 AM
The Aero one is like ten grams heavier than the regular one. Comes in three sizes I think.
don't like the Alien headDog
Oct 2, 2001 5:59 AM
I have the Alien Carbon and the Alien suspension post. I can't stand that Alien head. Very hard to install, adjust and get where you want it. When you do, it sort of locks into place, and you darn near need to disassemble the thing to move it at all, making fine tuning near impossible. Plus, those tiny, tiny screws worry me that they won't hold up.

I suppose if you can get it right and forget it, it might be ok.

Oh, and be sure to carry the right size allen wrench to tighten up the bolts if they loosen on you while riding. Mine did.