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anybody tried a sram pc99 or pc89r chain(4 posts)

anybody tried a sram pc99 or pc89r chainmaximum15
Sep 29, 2001 4:44 PM
I am running Ultegra and it is time for a new chain. I am using a sram chain on my mountain bike with no issue. Can anyone comment on sram chains on road bikes?
re: anybody tried a sram pc99 or pc89r chainMel Erickson
Sep 29, 2001 5:14 PM
I've had the 89 on my Ultegra drivetrain for a long time and it works great. Absolutely no complaints and love the removeable link. Works much better on a road bike than on a MTB because the MTB can get grit and dirt that makes compressing the link a real chore. Road bikes don't get nearly as gritty and I've never had a problem.
SRAM all the wayRich Clark
Sep 29, 2001 5:19 PM
I use 9-speed SRAM chains on my two road bikes (Tiagra and Ultegra) and my son's MTB (Deore). No problems. I buy the cheaper ones, though.

pc89r chain userzelig
Sep 30, 2001 1:05 AM
I used SRAM chains on my 8spd DA set up and have about 4,000 miles on a PC-89 chain, again with DA derailleurs and C-Record crank. It works well, runs quiet, doesn't skip in the cogs (Ultegra 9spd) which are the same age as the chain, shifts nicely even now, and of course with the power link, is easy to get off and clean. At replacement time, I will probably buy the cheaper model of the PC-89. The 89 has small cutouts on the link side plates, undoubtedly for saving weight, but IMHO it's just another area for dirt to accumulate.

I clean and lube my chain frequently, depending on conditions, probably about every 300-400 miles. The PC-89 has seen mostly Prolink although I'm trying out Finish Line Cross Country lube as it's getting to the wet part of the year where I live.

I used to use D-A or Ultegra chains but haven't regretted switching to SRAM chains a few years ago. For me the quality is comparable, the price is lower, and the power link is very convenient.