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Route 66 century/double century(4 posts)

Route 66 century/double centuryWagnerite
Sep 28, 2001 9:11 PM
anyone done either the route 66 century or double? how much climbing? I heard that it's a good first double, is that true?

thanks for the info
re: Route 66 century/double centuryDMoore
Sep 29, 2001 1:56 PM
The route is the same route as the mid-summer "Mojave by Moonlight" night time century, but starting in the opposite direction.. The century is one lap, Victorville to Barstow to Lucerne Valley to Victorville. For the double, turn around, and do it again in reverse. There's a significant climb in the middle of the course, between Lucerne Valley and Barstow. It's about 8 miles on one side, maybe 10 miles on the other. Not very steep at any point, but pretty steady with at least one false summit when riding north to south (2nd lap of the double).

In the desert the hills won't be a major problem. Wish I could say the same thing about the wind! I worked in Victorville for almost 3 years, and could hardly ever ride after work because of the wind. Morning should be OK, and when you have a tailwind you'll fly. There's a 30 mile section from Victorville to Barstow (start of lap 2 of the double) which I've done in just over an hour in the past. I'd want to start as early as possible, to get as many miles in as I could before the wind starts.
Nice doubleDog
Sep 29, 2001 3:39 PM
Did the double 2 years ago.

You'll start in pitch black dark, and it will be dark for the first few hours. I'd use a decent light.

It was also in the 30's first thing, but got into the 90's in the afternoon. You can drop your cold weather stuff at a rest stop, and then pick it up on the way back. Be prepared for any weather.

It WILL be windy. From Barstow back to Victorville, I had a headwind the whole way. Tough on you mind to be pedaling hard at 12 mph downhill. Then, the course turns around and goes back to Barstow the way you came. Guess what? The wind turned 180 degrees, too. Almost 100 miles of continuous headwinds. Very tough, I'd say worse than hills.

One big mountain about 30 miles into the course, that you come back over on the way back. Not really steep. I handled it pretty easily in a 23 cog (YMMV). There are a few hills through Barstow, too, some of which are a bit steeper, but shorter. Many stoplights through Barstow, too.

The pavement all along the way is pretty good. Pump up those tires.

Got a tailwind the last 20 miles and REALLY hauled. Probably averaged over 30 mph, and this is at the end of a double.

Take some big water bottles and/or a Camelbak. It's very dry, and with the wind slowing you down, it can make it a long time in between water stops.

The volunteers were helpful and the stops well stocked. The best part of the day was having hot chocolate at the first rest stop when it was really cold.

Not a bad course for a first double. If you like the desert, you'll get your fill.

Thanx y'all for the info NMWagnerite
Sep 29, 2001 7:27 PM