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Have a great riding weekend, you lucky #*#$&@!!!(3 posts)

Have a great riding weekend, you lucky #*#$&@!!!Elefantino
Sep 28, 2001 7:49 PM
So I'm still a little mad because I don't get the collar off this broken neck for at least another two weeks.
But at least I'm over the Bicyclingand Nissanad thing. (Although it's in this month's issue too, the sonof.... )
Hope the weather is great for you all and the roads are smooth.
Enjoy. Smile a lot, too.
And watch out for tree branches in the road.
re: Have a great riding weekend, you lucky #*#$&@!!!Tig
Sep 29, 2001 6:22 AM
I won't pretend to be in the same boat, but I'll be sitting this weekend's rides out too. I have contracted the cold from hell that is going around. I can usually ride with a cold and feel better afterward if I take it easy. Not this one! 1 1/2 hours of sleep doesn't do much for the energy either. OK, I'm finished with my whining now. ("Would you like cheese with that whine?") A cold is nothing compaired to a broken neck or worse.

Hey, 2 more weeks and you get to fully live again. Thankfully you had no spinal cord damage. This time off will make your future rides all the sweeter!
I can't say I feel your pain...Rich Clark
Sep 29, 2001 10:14 AM
...and I'm glad about that, to be honest, but your situation sucks, no doubt about it. Recovering from a major injury without permanent disability is a lot to be thankful for, though.

Today's a rest day for me, but I look forward to a great brisk Fall ride through the PA countryside tomorrow, followed by watching th Eagles trounce the Cowboys.

I saw that ad in Outside Magazine this month, too. Eh, well, there are better choices than Nissan anyway.