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Anyone use American Classic 4 drum rollers?(2 posts)

Anyone use American Classic 4 drum rollers?tirider
Sep 26, 2001 9:20 PM
These rollers look like a nice compromise between trainers and normal rollers. It appears that the 2 front drums would stabilize the front wheel and keep it from wandering. Any opinions on these. Anyone use them or know of someone who has?
re: Anyone use American Classic 4 drum rollers?Lone Gunman
Sep 27, 2001 5:19 AM
IMHO rollers are rollers. Whether AC's are any better or worse than Kreitler or Nashbar is hard to say. Get a set and get workin. They take practice to ride and the front wheel will turn left and right regardless of the number of rollers in front. The benefits of learning to ride rollers from a skill standpoint are far greater than the trainer. You still get a great workout riding rollers and if you use a HRM to train, shifting gears controls the HR. Plus your handling skills go way up once you master rollers. Rollers are not an instant gratification thing. You didn't get in shape in a day, you had to work at it. You WILL notice the difference in your skills when you transition to the road immediately.