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Need Quick responses(2 posts)

Need Quick responsesLone Gunman
Sep 26, 2001 4:12 PM
I need to get another pair of bib knickers by next Friday, therefore I need to order tomorrow or tonight. I have a pair of Santini Roubaix? (heavy stuff, very nice) and a pair of Volers (8oz lycra, still warm enough). has the Santini described as Spring/Summer in my size and none of the Roubaix heavy stuff. Do any of the posters have these, the Santini Spring/Summer knickers @$59 and how heavy are they? The reason I ask is that all lycra is not created equal and I have a pair of Santini bibs that are IMHO thin and a summer weight lycra which will not do in temps below 50F. If that is the weight of material that the knickers are made of I probably will go with Voler, however I like the Santini pad as opposed to the Voler. Thanks for responses.
re: Need Quick responsesShad
Sep 26, 2001 4:56 PM
I have the heavy Roubaix tights from bikejerseys and a pair of thinner tights the wind cranks through. I think the best thing in between are my soft lined PI leg warmers. If it's really cold, I'll wear the leg warmers under the tights, that way I can de-layer if it warms up. I've ridden down to -7 actual temp + wind chill factor. Never had a problem keeping my legs and torso warm, hands and feet are another story!

My 1 cent

Shad from MN