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Sidewalls(3 posts)

Sep 26, 2001 3:42 PM
I bought a bike that had been sitting on the showroom floor for a year (and thus got a great deal on it) and after a few months of riding I seem to have developed micro cracks in the rubber that is on the sidewalls. Does this need to be replaced immediately or can I hope a few more miles out of them? I dont want to risk a high speed Blowout, and I seem to have found a good deal on some Axial Pros. Should the Panracers stay or go. Thanks
Not to worryKerry Irons
Sep 26, 2001 4:19 PM
Sidewall cracks do not portend a blowout. All of the strength in a tire is in the casing (the threads of cotton, nylon, silk, etc.), not the rubber. The sidewall rubber itself is thinner than an inner tube, so without the casing, it couldn't hold 10 psi. If the casing is in good shape (no cuts or large amount of broken threads), you have nothing to worry about. I just replaced a tire on my wife's bike that had gone two years on the front, and a year on the rear. The rubber was heavily cracked and crazed, but the casing was in good shape - the tire was replaced because the tread wore out after 15K miles (Continental Grand Prix).
re: Sidewallsmr_spin
Sep 27, 2001 8:25 AM
If it bothers you, replace them. It really is as simple that. I wonder if what you are seeing really are cracks, or just stress marks where the structure of the tire (the internal bands) is showing through. Either way, it's a sign of an aging tire. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad tire, but I would think about replacing it soon. Depending on your riding, you could probably ride out the season (depending on where you live!). Your mileage will vary.