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Century ride virgin(9 posts)

Century ride virginstacker
Sep 26, 2001 10:35 AM
Any good advice out there for doing my first century ride? Other than hydrating and food consumtion. I usually ride 25-35 miles @20mph.
I'd suggest...mr_spin
Sep 26, 2001 10:54 AM not try to ride it at 20mph. Take it easy and you'll get it done. If you haven't been riding more than 25-35 miles, it's probably going to hurt a little (sore butt, at least!), but if you are in reasonably good shape, the challenge is mostly mental.
Go here. . (Tip of the Century thread)js5280
Sep 26, 2001 12:31 PM
bikedodger "TIP OF THE CENTURY" 8/31/01 8:56am

Did my first century a few weeks ago. I recommend being comfortable on at least 65-70 mile ride. Those seem to be the hardest miles anyway. Once your above 75 miles, knowing the finish is not that much futher makes those miles easier unless you've really pushed too hard early on. Good luck!
Sep 26, 2001 12:39 PM
Hint 1: Ride with friends. It makes it more pleasant. If you don't have friends to go with, make some new friends on the ride.

Hint 2: When you're riding with your old and new friends, work in packs and pacelines. It's much easier.

Hint 3: You don't need to ride centuries to train for a century but if you want to finish comfortably, I'd recommend at least a 75 miler and an 85 miler before the century.

Hint 4: If you get tired, slow down, just a little. Stretch, stand, whatever. If you need to, get off the bike but not too long or you'll just get cold legs.

Hint 5: If you get really tired you'll wish you never started. On my first century many years ago I was cooked at 75 miles. If I'd had the humility I would've called my wife for a lift home. But I did the steps on Hint 4 and by the end I was okay.

Hint 6: Centuries get easier with repetition. Now I do probably 10 or more each year and they're no big deal.

Hint 7: Enjoy yourself. Once you get a few under your belt you'll start to love them.

Good luck.
re: Century ride virginTurtleherder
Sep 26, 2001 1:18 PM
I always seem to feel my worst at about mile 70. The thing that really makes me feel better is a nice big bottle of regular Coke. Must be all the suger, but it makes me feel much better.
A few pointsKerry Irons
Sep 26, 2001 4:55 PM
Take short breaks - you'll stiffen up if you stay off the bike for long.

Plan to eat 1000-1500 calories, starting in the first hour of riding. If you fall behind in your eating, you will not recovery. If you plan to get all your food at rest stops, make sure you carry around 200 calories in your pocket in case you start to feel lightheaded or weak.

Drink at least 1 oz./mile (20 cc/km). Double that if it's hot.

Don't try out new drinks or food on the ride - nothing worse than a cranky stomach at mile 70!

Most problems in finishing a distance ride is due to not enough food or dehydration - don't let either one happen to you.

What can be a minor irritation from a wrinkle or a jersey zipper in 30 miles, can saw a hole in your skin after 100. A little numbness in your hands can turn into excruciating pain. Prevent this by stretching, adjusting, etc.
Lots of little goals ...Humma Hah
Sep 26, 2001 7:09 PM
I've done greater than century distances with no more than that training. It can get to be an ordeal, really will seem like a long ride, but you can always do another few miles.

I'd recommend not looking all the way to the finish. Set lots of intermediate goals, like the next mile, 5 miles, next hill top, next SAG stop, etc. You can always reach the next little goal, and if you keep doing that, you reach the finish.

Then, when you get to the finish, you start looking around for your next century, because finishing one makes you feel proud, and you want to do another!
Addtl training, etc.jagiger
Sep 26, 2001 7:54 PM
You didn't mention whether you were doing the Century this weekend or 1 month from now. A few long ones would help. I did my 1st this Sept & I didn't have any problems, but I had 6 rides of 50 or more miles with a max of 75. The long ones will help make the C easier & more enjoyable.

You might also consider a shorter distance (i.e. 50 or 75 mi) for openers. I've also run marathons before (10) & I'm always a bit taken back by people who suggest that you can finish an event with minimal training. They don't mention that it might be a real drag towards the end with a long recovery. You want the Century to be fun & not an ordeal.

Another thing would to be careful not to take too much time at the rest/feeding areas. You don't want your muscles to cool down too much.

You might also try asprins before the ride, although I would be sure to try this on a training ride to see if your stomach will tolerate it. I've used asprins for running marathons & they help reduce pain & swelling at the joints that can occur with endurance events. They help smooth out the bumps.

Take along comfort foods for after the race (i.e. Ring Dings, Pop Tarts or what ever gets you jazzed).

Beyond that relax, hook up with some new friends & ride on!
The Magnificent DeceptionsBrian C.
Sep 27, 2001 10:03 AM
As you're cruisin' down the road, you don't realize how much you're cookin' under the sun. It must be the cooling effect of air coursing over your skin.
When you set out, you might take a meandering route to some point of return. And, after your odometer rolls over 50-55 miles, you figure it's safe to return. But you're growing weary and you might be inclined to head home on the path less crooked. I don't know how many times I pulled up five or 10 miles short. One time, the odometer read 99 miles - I couldn't believe it. (Some suggested I should have rode around the block a few times but, frankly, I was too tired.)
You can laugh about that later.
But not about the sunburn.