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The Pink Flamingo House in Pescadero(5 posts)

The Pink Flamingo House in Pescaderomr_spin
Sep 26, 2001 7:38 AM
SF Bay Area riders, if you've ever ridden up or down Pescadero Road, you've passed by the "Flamingo" house. I'm sure you know the one, because it's very hard to miss.

Just after you enter the redwoods, there's a house along the creek where some guy has put hundreds of pink flamingos all over his property, along with other plastic animals and things. It's quite a sight. Around Christmas time, he puts up dozens of toy soldiers and other nutcracker type things.

It's absolutely nutty. Does anyone know the story behind this place?
Sep 26, 2001 9:01 AM
Just another wacky Bay Area personality. I get a huge grin everytime I pass by it. I always thought it would be fun to add a few other birds, like some seagulls or turkey vultures. Maybe just rearragne the flamingos into a formation of shock troops? Probably the best thing about biking around the back roads in the Bay Area is that you do get to see nutty and humorus things that you'd otherwise miss. Sometimes the rest of the country seems so serious. Near my house a guy has a mailbox on a 10' pole labeled "Air Mail".
Sep 26, 2001 10:08 AM
Funny you should mention the 10 foot high mailbox. I spotted the same thing on an East Texas country road. The mailbox had attached to it one of those ducks with the propeller wings spinning around. The Bay Area isn't the only place with silly people that aren't too serious!
Yeah, that's a cool house.Zignzag
Sep 26, 2001 9:15 AM
I don't know who lives there or why they like to decorate so much. Too much time and money on their hands, he he.

Have you seen the house on Stage Road north of Pescadero (after the eucalyptus, right before it goes uphill) with the metal sculptures in the front yard? One of the sculptures is of a guy shooting a (real) machine gun.
I see dead peoplemr_spin
Sep 26, 2001 9:28 AM
That skeleton carrying the machine gun is truly bizarre. And huge! I nearly fell off my bike doing a double take the first time I noticed it was there. Strange folks up there in San Mateo County!