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Smart?? Or stupid and vain?(13 posts)

Smart?? Or stupid and vain?Darth Breather
Sep 26, 2001 5:44 AM
A few weeks ago I got my dream bike; Colnago C40, full Record, Nucleon wheels, etc. I love the beautiful Italian paint work on this bike and dreaded the inevidable first scratch/nick, and every subsequent one as well. I then came upon the idea of having the more suseptible areas of the frame covered with the 3M "clear bra" product that's commonly used on cars. It weighs only a few grams and is virtually undetectable unless you know it's there. If it gets nicked, it can easily be replaced - all the while protecting that wonderful paint. I can't decide if this was ingenious - or an incredibly stupid/vain thing to do. Would you have done it?
Sep 26, 2001 5:58 AM
i had an aunt with a miserable green couch that she of course slipcovered in clear vinyl. i always wondered, why? when do you take off the slipcover and enjoy the couch for what it is? the couch might get stained, battered, and faded, but those things are just marks of character.
I don't worry about itDog
Sep 26, 2001 6:05 AM
I have the same bike, in Geo. I have 5 or 6 nicks, and I just don't worry about. At some point, I'll touch it up. But, I bought the bike to ride, not for a work of art (even though I do like the paint job).

I clean it, maintain it, protect it from abuse, but normal wear and tear is just, normal. That's just me.

re: Smart?? Or stupid and vain?Galibier
Sep 26, 2001 6:06 AM
I'm not sure what the "clear bra" stuff is, but if it protects the Colnago paint without damaging it, it sounds like a great idea. Why not?
re: Smart?? Or stupid and vain?cyclequip
Sep 26, 2001 6:11 AM
The test for whether Mr. Colnago has done his job properly or not, is whether he can make the rider forget the bike is there. Or not. And you worry about paint? A bike is what it does, its form is its function. Win a race on a dirty old crock and the losers will still gawk at your bike.
Sounds like you need to ride that baby off-road a few times.MB1
Sep 26, 2001 6:25 AM
A bike is a tool. Good tools get used, worrying about and trying to keep it from showing signs of use is missing the point of getting that fine tool. You bought it to ride, ride it.
a pain in the assishmael
Sep 26, 2001 6:47 AM
colnago paint jobs are so wild that even if you get lots of scratches its not noticeable..except maybe to you...if you dont plan to sell it dont worry about it...its a relief to have it scratched up already and then you can ride (and crash) without worrying about anything but your own skin..
re: Smart?? Or stupid and vain?DavidS
Sep 26, 2001 7:11 AM
Since you said that this is your dream bike, a little extra care (the 3M coating) is not out of line- I would test to see how easily it comes off, especially after several months or years. You wouldn't want to protect the paint, and then find out that the coating removes more paint than it saves!
Also, once you crash/scratch/ding the paint a few times, the perfect paint job won't seem as big of an issue as is did when it was new; the performance of the bike while you are using it will be a much bigger point of pride.
re: Smart?? Or stupid and vain?~o~
Sep 26, 2001 7:11 AM
are you sure that stuff won't pull of the paint when removed? if you wanna keep the paint as new, don't ride the bike.
What will make you feel better?Elefantino
Sep 26, 2001 7:17 AM
If the 3M stuff doesn't pull the paint off, and you feel more content with it on, by all means put it on. Who cares what others think? I just can't imagine wrapping every stay and tube. Sounds like a lot of work.
re: Pretty paintTurtleherder
Sep 26, 2001 7:30 AM
Right now the bike is brand new, pristine, your pride and joy, your baby. You cannot stand the thought of any harm coming to it and you want to keep it perfect for as long as possible. Put the clear film on for now, and ride the crap out of it. In a year or two, after the newness has worn off and it's time to change out the film it won't seem like such a big deal. If it makes you happy and gives you peace of mind, do it. (assuming no damage to paint!)
re: Smart?? Or stupid and vain?DINOSAUR
Sep 26, 2001 7:55 AM
I understand where you are coming from. My Klein has one of those beautiful paint jobs. As careful as I have been, I have sustained a few nicks and scratches. The most exposed area is the right chain stay from pulling wheels on an off, and from a couple of dropped chains when the bike was brand new. If the product works I would have done it. The sad truth is that your frame will eventually get a few nicks, no matter how careful you are. However, I keep my bike immaculate and you have to look close to see the knicks, I consider them war wounds and badges of honor. I could tell you how every knick got there....
Cure might be worse than the problemDCP
Sep 26, 2001 10:14 AM
I had a car with similar sheets of plastic in a couple of places. After a few years, it yellowed and become really obvious that it was there