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tanning(14 posts)

Sep 25, 2001 5:40 PM
During the summer, I had a good tan going. Now that it is turning fall, my tan is going away. How can I stop this. I am riding the same, if not more.
re: tanningBruno S
Sep 25, 2001 6:14 PM
Head south, its spring in the southern hemisphere. Fall sunlight tans less than summer sunlight because of the angle it hits the earth. There are some tanning creams that will do the trick and they look very real. You will have the advantage of not having tan lines.
Hit the tanning beds my friend.Dog Breath
Sep 25, 2001 7:40 PM
Either that or jump on a plane to Pakistan.

Seriously though, watch for the tanning beds that the strippers use. Those would be your ticket to a "George Hamilton" like glow. Tanning beds are actually good for you (lack of vitamin C replenishment cost Jan the Tour).
LOL, D.B.! Possibly first/only stripper reference on RBR? (nm)RhodyRider
Sep 26, 2001 5:40 AM
Hit the tanning beds my friend.G. Orwell
Sep 26, 2001 6:46 AM
Sunlight produces Vitamin C in the body????

My brain tells me it is Vitamin D.
I'm not sure vit. C (or D) will help you with skin cancer. nmSpinchick
Sep 26, 2001 6:49 AM
Its amazing how many tanning salons you see in rural America nmMB1
Sep 26, 2001 8:43 AM
Oh my word. You guys are so vain!Kristin
Sep 26, 2001 6:11 AM
I never wudda thunk it. A bunch of guys worried about thier tans. Have I entered The Twilight Zone?

There definetely ain't no tannin' in the twilight zone. nmSpinchick
Sep 26, 2001 6:39 AM
We're not vainElefantino
Sep 26, 2001 7:02 AM
But I would like to point out that I still have my tan despite not being on the bike since my 7/7 crash. It's faded greatly, but it's still there. Would that constitute vanity, or pride? Obsession? All of the above?
Oh my word. You guys are so vain!cycleguy
Sep 26, 2001 7:17 AM
As a mailman in CA by mid summer I look like a three color fade frame. I tan easy and dark. Multi Tan lines on arms and legs for both cycling and work clothes.
Winter = tights and long sleeves, so why worry?Alex-in-Evanston
Sep 26, 2001 7:46 AM
"Clear Bra"MisJG
Sep 26, 2001 8:53 AM
Maybe you could preserve your tan by applying the "clear bra" product mentioned in the "Smart? Or Stupid and Vain?" post above! Seriously, I treat my tan lines like the miles on my computer. I don't count last year's miles for this season, why would I want last year's tan this year? Let it go and start fresh next year. If that is your only incentive to ride, maybe it'll get you out earlier next spring!
Isn't there some junk you can just paint on? nmMB1
Sep 26, 2001 9:58 AM