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Will I get over it?(8 posts)

Will I get over it?Vortex
Sep 25, 2001 12:37 PM
Man... if there´s something that really piss me off is when someone refers to pro cyclists like a bunch of drugs addicted, people who doesn´t kown nothing about pro cycling usually... They can´t see that a pro rider has a life of pure dedication and discipline, all They can talk is that every pro cyclist in the world is on drugs.
It'll take a while...Wannabe
Sep 25, 2001 12:58 PM
It'll take a while, but eventually it will pass. But you got to admit, the cyclists brought it upon themselves. I think cycling for the most part is pretty clean these days, but this does not appear to be the case even just a few years ago.

Andy - Wannabe
Get over it!filtersweep
Sep 25, 2001 4:50 PM
Like nobody in the NFL uses steroids? There are a ton of "disciplined and dedicated" pro body-builders that are a kamikazi-concoction of all sorts of odd substances. Pro wrestling? Some bi-athalete was recently busted... it is everywhere in all sports (except maybe golf, bowling, curling, tennis... maybe NASCAR racing). Cycling receives less negative press about the issue than most sports IMHO.
NASCAR is not a sportWagnerite
Sep 26, 2001 8:03 PM
it's a race, takes skills, yes. a sport? NO
Got to be realistic, though...cory
Sep 25, 2001 8:51 PM
I think I may have posted this before, but two of my neighbors are involved in pro and big-time college sports. One is a former college football player, now a sports agent, and the other is a former hoops player, now a physician.
Both say the incidence of steroid use among NBA players is virtually 100 percent, among football linemen about the same, and a little lower in the "skill" positions. If 10 percent of the players are willing to do it, the rest can't compete unless they do, too--it's the difference between being a 240 pounder and a 280 pounder with much more strength and better speed, between getting cut in training camp and making $2 million a year.
I have no idea if the same is true of cycling, but when you look at the pressure, the money and the competition, it seems naive to say it doesn't happen.
Generalizations in generalDog
Sep 26, 2001 5:39 AM
People are apt to generalize based upon what propaganda they have been fed, or anecdotal evidence they've seen or heard, regardless of the truth. That's an easy way for them to form a view of reality. For example:

*Road racers are arrogant pricks

*SUV drivers are out to destroy the environment and kill people in smaller cars

*Muslims are terrorists

*Club riders are overweight, pretentious, materialistic poseurs

*Lawyers are a$$holes ;-)

*Pickup drivers are rednecks

*People from the South are racists

*Californians are airhead beach bums

I could go on, but I think I've made the point. We, as a society, really WANT to believe these types of things. It makes our world view a little easier to accept. It's hard to take each individual and figure out who they really are - it's much easier to lump people into big categories. Wrong, but it happens every day, even here on this board. Something to avoid, probably.

I fit into your first and last categories (nm)Starliner
Sep 26, 2001 11:52 AM
I believeJohn Evans
Sep 27, 2001 4:44 AM
All that stuff is true, except you just made that up about the south and the pickup's right.