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Dear Santa(25 posts)

Dear SantaTig
Sep 25, 2001 10:20 AM
I'm putting in my order extra early so that you have plenty of time to acquire this new toy. I know I haven't been the best kid on the block, but I'm improving. I haven't given the 1 finger salute to rude motorists in months. All I really want is this small upgrade. It will be well taken care of and much appreciated. Sure, it costs a hefty 700 clams, but at 500 grams it belongs in the weight weenie hall of fame as well as on my somewhat cheap bike. I'll work hard to bring the components up to its level.

Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas in case I don't talk to you before then.
Sep 25, 2001 10:36 AM
Just Trashy...jaybird
Sep 25, 2001 11:12 AM
You guys gotta quit posting these pictures. They are just like porn. I will never have anything like it and it elicits all sorts of impure thoughts...
re: Dear SantaSpiritual Haiku
Sep 25, 2001 10:38 AM
I'm putting in my order a little late this year, in fact, as you know, I've already put it in a few times. I know I haven't been the best kid on the block, but I'm working on it. I haven't given the 1 finger salute to rude motorists in days. All I really want is this little glass container of rocket fuel and some Tom Waits CDs from the used CD store. Oh, and some Taco Bell.

Thanks, and have a Merry Christmas in case I don't talk to you before then. Tell Mrs. Claus I said "holla holla".


Spiritual Haiku
re: Dear SantaIndiana Rider
Sep 25, 2001 10:47 AM
How about a bottle of Gin and I'll sign on.
i was gin-banned in december, 1997. however,...Spiritual Haiku
Sep 25, 2001 11:00 AM
if you hold your breath, it all tastes the same.
Did you have a meltdown on gin?mickey-mac
Sep 25, 2001 12:22 PM
Gin really puts the whammy on some folks. My dad and grandfather almost went to blows on gin one time. One of my good friends (240 lbs) and his brother (320 lbs) had a donnybrook on gin one time. Those juniper berries can really mess up your brain.
yep, too much gin followed by a beer sampler platter...Spiritual Haiku
Sep 26, 2001 5:07 AM
I was 235 at the time. they had to carry me to the car. NEVER again.
advice from the bestzzz
Sep 25, 2001 10:47 AM
"Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades."

- Eddy Merckx
LOL - Sincerely spoken by someone who had bikes given to himKristin
Sep 25, 2001 10:53 AM
re: Dear Santa, forget the crank and send me a Calfee! -NMTig
Sep 25, 2001 12:05 PM
I would hold out for one with both crank arms!DCP
Sep 25, 2001 2:30 PM
Dear Santa,Dog
Sep 25, 2001 2:31 PM
Dear Santa:

I've bought everything I need. I train my butt off. But, my wife isn't happy, I'd like to work more, and I still can't ride as fast or as far or as much as I'd like to.

So Santa, please bring me more time. I need at least 2 more days per week, and while you're at it, turn back the clock 20 years. I need to be able to train more, to recover more between hard workouts, to spend more time with my wife, and to be able to ride more doubles and maybe even RAAM.

So, you see, Santa, I don't want anything material. Just time. Thanks.

Whoah DogRon Jeremy
Sep 26, 2001 2:20 PM
Holy midlife crisis Batman!
not reallyDog
Sep 26, 2001 2:53 PM
How can it be a "midlife" crisis, when I've been that way since age 14, continuously, and probably always will be?

I ran my first marathon at age 15, having trained over 10 miles per day average for over a year. Nothing to do with a "crisis." Maybe insane, but not crisis.

would you settle fordigger
Sep 27, 2001 4:43 AM
a new set of priorities?
absolutely notDog
Sep 27, 2001 5:19 AM
Nope. Nada. Someone has to do those long rides, right?
know a good divorce lawyer?nm
Sep 27, 2001 5:46 AM
re: Dear SantaLen J
Sep 26, 2001 4:29 AM
Dear Santa:

I know its been a busy year But I think I've been a good boy. For Chrismas this year I would like the following:

1.) Return my legs to those that I had when I was 20. I figure if I match them with the discipline, wisdom & cleaner living that I have so hard earned, that I might not waste them this time.

2.) Return the awe & joy that I had when as a 6 year old, I first rode my bike off the street that I lived on. There was nothing like that first taste of freedom.

3.) Transplant some of MB1's Miss M's cycle passion to my wife. I want to explore the world & myself with her through cycling.

4.) Transplant some of my passion for cycling to one or more of my children. I want to share the joy, I want them to want it.

I realize that these things are slightly out of the ordinary, but I heard you liked a challange.

re: cheaper by the dozenTurtleherder
Sep 26, 2001 10:27 AM
Dear Santa

While you're at it just bring two and drop one of the same at my house. Well said Len J.
Thanks. (nm)Len J
Sep 27, 2001 3:41 AM
Naaaa Na Naa Naaaaa Naaaaaamackgoo
Sep 26, 2001 7:05 AM
See, no old guy blocking the view ;-)MB1
Sep 26, 2001 7:23 AM
Tell us more. Do you like the crank? How old is your Brooks, how do you treat it? What does the whole thing weigh?

BTW your yard looks like ours, guess you ride a lot.
See, no old guy blocking the view ;-)mackgoo
Sep 26, 2001 2:16 PM
As was detected sorry to say the carbon cranks were added with a little manipulation by a very talented computer guy here on the board, just couldn't resist. I love the Brooks have about 600 miles on it so far. I've used the proofhide twice but that's probably overdoing it. I need to get a better bathroom scale, but as pictured with Record cranks it came in a hair under 18 pounds. As I say I want to get a better scale to get a more acurate weight. But not bad for a 6 year old (almost vintage) frame and a saddle that probably weighs a little over a pound and a spare tub and co2 pump in the pack.
Fake photo (nm)BipedZed
Sep 26, 2001 7:30 AM