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GT ZR 5.0 for beginning racer?(7 posts)

GT ZR 5.0 for beginning racer?badgerbike
Sep 24, 2001 2:03 PM
I was wondering what you guys thought of a beginning road/criterium racer starting out on a GT ZR 5.0 with Sora Components (knowing that I will have to upgrade as I go)? The price is right and I can't afford moving up much right now but I don't mind upgrading piecemeal as time passes. Is the frame race worthy? Is this a bike that as I upgrade should do fine for the next several years for someone whose aspirations are to just be a weekend warrior who never gets out of cat 4?
re: GT ZR 5.0 for beginning racer?Tig
Sep 24, 2001 3:14 PM
If you really have no choice in the $ department, you can make do with the 5.0, but I bet you'll outgrow it's limitations quicker than you can aford upgrades. Just remember the cost to upgrade it to 105 or better and better wheels will surpass the savings of the 5.0 over a 3.0 in no time. If you already have something to train on this winter, stick with it and save your money for a better bike. GT's frames don't "get decent" until you reach the 3.0 level's double-butted or higher. Go for a better frame in the first place since that is the heart of the bike. Make sure someone who really knows what they are doing fits you. Beware of BS sales people who put you on a frame that doesn't fit, and do it because they don't have your true size in stock. Fit is everything.
you can get it with ultegra for cheapishmael
Sep 26, 2001 7:01 AM
it was a topic on this site not too long ago..something like 1200 or 1300...great deal..i forget the frame but search the site...dont rush the purchase, ive done that too often..and dont sweat fit too much, go with the smallest frame that is COMFORTABLE...shops can be misleading because the stem lengths are always 11 or 12...the 9 and 10 are my favorite and the reach of the bars also is variable...if you put your inseam and height on here and ask advice you will get a great guidline..smaller is more nimble in my mind
Sep 24, 2001 4:41 PM
Supergo has the ZR 1.0 frame on sale. Have you considered buying it and building it up yourself? You can probably build it up with 105's for about $1200 - $1500. Good luck!
GT - for that price.....Blue 'Goose
Sep 25, 2001 6:05 AM
You could get a GT ZR 2.0 for around $1199-1299 or so
with full ultegra and carbon fork. A great deal actually.
A friend just bought one. Wish I could have.
Anyone concerned about warranty service?MB1
Sep 25, 2001 6:19 AM
Perhaps if you buy the GT you should get an additional store warranty in writing. Who knows what is going to happen with GT warranty service now that Pacific has taken them over.

A store warranty agreement won't do you much good if you have a frame problem but should take care of the parts for a year or 2.

BTW I really like GTs.
re: GT ZR 5.0 for beginning racer?BicyclingFan
Sep 25, 2001 7:00 AM
I purchased a GT ZR 5.0 about 2 months ago. I quickly changed out the Sora and replaced them with Shimano Ultegra that I had from a previous road bike. It now works flawlessly. The ZR 5.0 would be hard to race seriously with the Sora group. It just isn't made for hard racing or serious road riding. Now for the frame, it is absolute high quality. It is rather light weight and certainly is stiff and efficent. I have about 600 miles on it since the Ultegra upgrade and I can't think of a signle complaint. I did have to lose the house-brand GT saddle, it hurt like hell. The Alex rims are good specs, the aluminum seatpost and stem are decent parts also. I love the bright red paint job too. Overall I love this bike, I've been seriously riding for over 10 years and can honestly say that for around $500 the GT ZR 5.0 is worth the money, (just have to upgrade when the $$ becomes avaiable).