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Build your own cassette(10 posts)

Build your own cassettemr_spin
Sep 24, 2001 12:37 PM
Does anyone know how to build a custom cassette? I'd love to build myself a special climbing cassette for Death Ride type events. I was thinking a 25-26-27 would be ideal, for which I would gladly sacrifice the 12.

I read somewhere that you could take Shimano cassettes apart, but after looking closely at the lower gears, I don't think it's possible. Maybe in the past, but not anymore.

There must be some other source for cogs, right? I know USPS used custom cassettes in the Tour this year (Lance apparently likes a 21-22-23).
How many times do you use your 12?guido
Sep 24, 2001 12:46 PM
I thought the reason for casettes was so you could custom configure the cogs. I never use my 13, much less a 12. Who does custom cogs or where can you get them?
TA Specialities et al.?philippec
Sep 24, 2001 1:12 PM
TA Specialites here in France makes the cogs (shimano-compatible) that LA used on the Tour. Other companies such as Miche and Marchiso in Italy make build-your-own cogs for Campagnolo 9 and 10 speed. You should be able to get the TA cogs in the states since they sell chainrings there. As for the others, check with some of the better shops that carry campagnolo to see if they cannot order them.

Why Reinvent the Wheel?grzy
Sep 24, 2001 3:06 PM
Shimano already makes a 12-27 (9 speed) that works just great for the DR - climbed the front of Ebbetts several times with no problems where the top hits 12% in places - everything else is pretty reasonable at 9% or less. Also worked fine on the climb to Kaiser with the Big Creek grade at over 17%. You don't really need them so closely spaced on the larger sizes since your percent change is less than 4%. If you've got the power then climb in the 25, if you can't hack it then bail out and drop to the 27. Having a 12 is nice for powering through 50 mph on the descents. For a while I ran an XT 11-28 (8 speed setup), but the jumps were too big, then viola - 9 speed came out. Maybe what you really want is Campy 10 whihc gives you an extra cog. Problem with all of the after market stuff is that it's not a spider and you've got big fat plates for gears and all the weight that goes with it. There is a fairly significant difference in weight when you compare DA to the other stuff out there.

What you're really talking about if you want super fine steps in the gearing is a triple setup.
Because I can...maybemr_spin
Sep 24, 2001 3:53 PM
Actually a 12-27 has a 24, not a 25. 21-24-27.

The first time I did the Death Ride I used a 12-27. The second time I used a 12-25. The 27 was too...well, let's say "easy." And the 25 was sometimes too hard. Ergo, next year calls for a 26! I plan on doing Kaiser next year as well.

I was thinking I'd take a 12-25, drop the 12 and 13, replace them with a 26 and 27. I'd have the 25 and 26 for my ideal range, and a 27 for bailout.

I think I'm out of luck for now. I definitely don't want a triple. I can switch out a cassette in minutes, but a triple is forever.
Because I can...maybegrzy
Sep 25, 2001 9:05 AM
Kaiser and the Terrible Two make the Death Ride look like a tea party. Actually it's more a circus than a tea party. If you do Kaiser don't forget the 27. If you do the TT think about a triple.

I'd say you could solve a lot of problems in time as you get stronger, but messing around with gears is fun. I got a buddy who does the DR in a 23 in 8 hours from start to finish - when he's in shape. But that's him, not us. There is a good book on bicycle gearing (called Bicycle Gearing). Been not too happy with the performance, quality, price and weight of the aftermarket cassetts. Other than that they're fine.
time for Campy?cyclopathic
Sep 25, 2001 9:12 AM
O'k let's not start on this one ;-P

Here's info on how to build custom cass from Sheldon

basically you can't get rid of 13 (lock ring), but you can mix and match cogs.

Triples would be the best option. Less gear jump going from 52 to 42 then 53 to 39, can use close spaced cass.

Yes it is so unmacho to have 30g granny on your bike you use once in a blue moon. Triple is forever and it is a good thing
Fresh out of the SkunkWorks LabratorySkunkWorks
Sep 24, 2001 4:28 PM
Here is how to make really useful climbing cassette that still has a close ratio for the flats. I took a 11-32 9 speed LX cassette and mixed it with a 11-23 Ultegra cassette. I had to drill out the rivets on the LX to separate the cogs. I ended up with a 13,14,15,17,19,21,23,28,32 but you could piece together any cogs depending on what you want. I also have to use a MTB rear derailleur to shift to a 32, but a medium cage XT handles it nicely.
Custom CassetteChen2
Sep 25, 2001 6:32 AM
How does it shift? Great? OK? I've been thinking about doing something like this.
Works greatLC
Sep 25, 2001 7:40 AM
The 13-23 shifts just like any Ultegra, because it is Ultegra. The 28 and 32 are nice bail out gears that are just like shifting to a triple.