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Where to ride in Reno, NV.(5 posts)

Where to ride in Reno, NV.Empirion75
Sep 24, 2001 12:04 PM
hi guys. I'm sure some of you fellow Reno riders lurk this board. I just recently purchased a road bike and I need to know some better routes that are a little quiet and less traffic congested. I'm a mountain man so I know all the trails at least. Currently I've just been riding NW-mcarren to Las Brisas to Avenida De Lenida so basically the NW reno area. I've heard red rock is fun. How about that? Thanks
Aw, man, McCarran suckscory
Sep 24, 2001 3:28 PM
Too much traffic, and a lot of it has no bike lane...
One nice ride is the Mayberry loop, sort of from downtown out either W. Fourth Street or Mayberry to the old Mayberry Bridge, near the Patagonia Warehouse (White Fir Drive, on the map), then come back on the road you don't take out there. About 10 or 11 miles, depending on the route, or you can continue to Mogul and Verdi (have to ride on the freeway for about 1.3 mile to get to Verdi, but there's a wide shoulder and a lot of people do it).
All through Caughlin Ranch is good. From Mayberry near Fourth Street (across from Dorostkar Park), go through the Juniper Ridge subdivision (might be called Plateau Road--there's a big Juniper Ridge sign) up the hill to Caughlin Parkway, turn right and climb. You'll come out at McCarran, on top of the hill, by Scolari's market. From there you can go toward Meadowood, into Reno or down McC. to Fourth again.
South of McCarran out Lakeside Drive is good, 10 miles or so through the expensive houses to Mt. Rose Highway, and if you want to climb over 9900 feet, you can go up to the summit and on to Tahoe, or the other direction, big climb to Virginia City.
My favorite semi-local ride is to park at Donner Lake State Park in Truckee (about 30 miles from Reno) and ride up the Old Highway (west end of the lake) over the summit. Must be...six or seven miles? the top, then you can coast for another 12 to Rainbow Lodge and lunch. Return the way you came for a just-under-40-mile loop, or detour via Serene Lakes. Lots of others, too, if you want to go south toward Carson City, Minden and Gardnerville, or over Spooner Summit (Highway 50) to Tahoe.
Yah I know. ThanksEmpirion75
Sep 25, 2001 7:56 AM
NW Mcarren does have a huge bike lane but its pretty short. I know about climbing up Mt. Rose highway but the shoulder is almost non existant and the traffic would scare the crap outa me. Virginia city sounds good but I should check out the shoulder first. Thanks man.
Do like Gregggrzy
Sep 25, 2001 8:58 AM
Lemond, that is. Ride from your place in Reno up Kingsburry Grade over Dagget Pass, win some race in the Lake area then get a ride home from your dad.

Actually climb over Dagget head south through So. Lake Tahoe, then up and over Luther Pass and down into NV - make sure to tkae the Emigrint Trail (or what ever it's called) - you can easily exceed 50 mph - just wathc out for the stop sign at the end. Wind your way back along the foot hills. Awesome Loop. If that's not enough make a side trip through Markleeville and hit Ebbetts. This added loop makes a perfect century....and about 9,500' of climbing.
re: Where to ride in Reno, NV.MarkP
Sep 25, 2001 9:30 AM
A favorite ride of mine is to park near Truckee, take Highway 267 South toward Kings Beach (big climb over Brockway Summit), then West to Tahoe City, then North back to Truckee. It is a great ride of approx. 36 miles, that goes to 40 if you take a side trip to Squaw Valley. Also, that last 12 or so miles from Tahoe City to Truckee is slightly downhill, following the Truckee river.