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haiku ride report: first ms-150. oh, the irony!(2 posts)

haiku ride report: first ms-150. oh, the irony!Spiritual Haiku
Sep 24, 2001 10:06 AM
from graceland to tunica
day one, ninety miles

to mississippi
rolling hills to the delta
pancake flat for miles

flats: road disappears
destination casino
dot on horizon

wind, the groups splinter
jeffreyh likes wind and flat
pick 'em off like flies

arrive casino
dump cold water over head
ride another ten

my third century
first one may, chattanooga
then double metric

six hours total time
five hours thirty two ride time
speed eighteen point one

first night big buffet
jack daniels in my luggage
slept like a baby

day two, legs of steel
butt felt like a pin cushion
start near eight AM

big breakfast buffet
fast paceline? no, big waist line!
grits, eggs, fruit, donuts

first twenty paceline
jeffreyh busted it up
then fast group dropped me

flat 'til tennessee
rollers eventual fate
back to elvisville

day two, sixty miles
around three thirty total
just at three on bike

eighteen nine average
early paceline helped first hour
then solo effort

last year's 150
missed, sick, no legs, no training
happy this one's done

just one more long ride
leaves changing, falling from trees
then train through winter

pinned flag to seatbag
then i got my ride number
t'was nine eleven.
Great Haiku, spooky ride number (nm)Len J
Sep 24, 2001 10:52 AM