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Seven Odonata, Day 2(3 posts)

Seven Odonata, Day 2MikeC
Sep 23, 2001 5:58 PM
Picked up my ti Odonata about 8:30 Friday night. No epics so far, just 90 miles spread over three rides. My previous main ride was a Sandvik straight-gauge ti frame, ala Mongoose Rx-10.5, with Kinesis carbon fork. The setup on my Odonata is: Record 10, including pedals, from my previous bike; Chris King headset; Ritchey WCS bar and stem; Seven seat post and Seven/WoundUp fork; Campy Moskva rims laced to Record hubs (32 front and rear); Axial Pro clinchers; Koobi Tri saddle; Cinelli bar tape; Ergobrain 10 computer.
For those who are interested, here's my summary:
Psychological- I love the aesthetics of the bike even more than when I was just yearning for one. No buyer's remorse so far, although I must admit that while I didn't really expect a life-changing experience, I sorta kinda secretly hoped for one anyway.
Geometry- 55cm top tube sloped 4 degrees; 52cm seat tube; 16.2cm head tube; 73.5 degree head tube angle; 72 degree seat tube angle.
Ride/Comfort- Not much different in the rear than my previous bike, which was pretty comfortable, though a little flexy. I may notice a bigger difference on a century next Saturday. I had no hand numbness, even though I intentionally minimized hand movement. Love the hand position in the drops on the Ritchey bar.
Responsiveness- Much, much stiffer in the bottom bracket than my previous ride. I guess it's impressive to pick up the additional stiffness, yet still keep a high comfort level. Sharper steering response than I expected, but not at all skittish. Very precise feeling. The light weight (I think it's under 17lb all in) is very noticeable when you come out of the saddle.
Quality- The machining, welds, and finishing were just like in the brochure. Amazing stuff.
Buying Experience- Seven pays an awful lot of attention to you. They really take things seriously, and had some real in-depth discussions with my LBS, Danzeisen & Quigley, in Cherry Hill, NJ. If you need a good bike fit in South Jersey, see Billy at D&Q. He's extremely conscientious, and knows what he's doing.
Bottom Line: The Odonata is an expensive bike, no doubt about it. What you get for your money is a frame that's designed exactly for just about every part of your body, and tuned for the riding-style profile you request.
I'm not suddenly riding 30% faster than before (although my emotionally-charged rides this weekend averaged about 12% higher average speed), but as I sit here at 10 o'clock on Sunday night, I feel very content. With this bike, I'm finally sure that all remaining shortcomings are mine, not my bike's.
re: Seven Odonata, Day 2tirider
Sep 23, 2001 8:53 PM
I've spent less time before with car purchases than with my Seven... did you do the phone interview with Zak after the first fitting? I found it to be quite satisfying to specify certain ride characteristics prior to design and then feel the results out on the road every time I ride. Many exhilarating miles ahead....
Yup. Spoke with both Zak and Roy. (nm)MikeC
Sep 25, 2001 7:17 AM