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Look pedal disassembly question(1 post)

Look pedal disassembly questionKurt H
Sep 23, 2001 3:09 PM
Hey folks,
I recently picked up a pair of the pre-1997 Campy pedals - the ones made by Look for Campy. One of the pedals had some rough feeling bearings, so I pulled them apart to replace the bearings and clean everything up. Following Lennard Zinn's instructions, I pulled the shaft out of the pedal assembly and removed the lockring that holds the cartridge bearings in place. Then came the problem: The cartridge bearing assembly came out in pieces (I'm amazed the pedal even turned!!) on the "bad" pedal. The inner race of the cartridge is still on the shaft and seems to be stuck. I then moved to the good pedal found that after I removed the lockring holding the cartridge bearings, the bearings wouldn't come off the shaft on this pedal either. So what gives? How are you supposed to get the bearings off of the shaft? And once you get them off, do new bearings need to be pressed back on? The needle bearings look good in both and the pedals would look really cool on my bike, so I'd like to try to salvage them if possible. Please help!