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Took need a paint job? What to do?(2 posts)

Took need a paint job? What to do?DougS
Sep 23, 2001 7:46 AM
Fell for the first time today. I now have a few but deep cuts and the back forks. I would like to have them corrected. What are my options? It's a Cannondale. Any help is great!
re: Took need a paint job? What to do?Ford
Sep 23, 2001 12:03 PM
Have the frame checked for alignment by a competent pro shop or frame builder. Making sure the frame is straight is essential. Refinishing to new or better than new is available from several places nationally. Cycle Art is perhaps most well-known. But others are very good and perhaps less costly. Let me know where you live. There's several in Calif. and one I recall in the Carolinas. Bike importer/maker Torrelli in Los Angeles did my old bike beautifully in single color for $270 shipped. Veteran frame builder Eisentraut here in the Bay Area does very nice work. Ed Litton in Richmond, CA (Bay Area) is another fine refinisher.
Probably several others if you ask around.
Do not have an aluminum frame powder-coated! It looks great and lasts, but will take the temper out of the tubes after being cooked at 300+ degrees. When its done by bike manufacturers, they don't use that much heat on alu frames.
Ford Kanzler
El Granada, CA