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Colnago CT-1 or Litespeed Vortex?(8 posts)

Colnago CT-1 or Litespeed Vortex?undecided
Sep 23, 2001 12:16 AM
Can get a good deal on either of these framesets can't decide which one to buy.Any thoughts pro and con on these framesets?
re: Colnago CT-1 or Litespeed Vortex?CT1 Guy
Sep 23, 2001 3:32 AM
Here in the UK the Colnago's about £1000 ($1500) less than the Litespeed, so it's a bit of a no-brainer.
Buy the Colnago if you're a spinner and want all-day comfort. Big gear jammers go for the Litespeed as the fat tube sections will most probably make it stiffer, but harsher. Ridden a couple of 100+ milers on the CT1 and it just tracks perfectly, even on some pretty rough roads.
The Colnago's also come in a wide range of stunning paint jobs - but they are scratch prone. I went for the lacquer - not your normal Colnago, but shows the workmanship. Be prepared to wait if you want a non-stock finish - mine took 6 months.

If money's no object - why not a Seven? - stupid money here in the UK, but the better quality of them all.
re: Colnago CT-1 or Litespeed Vortex?Ray
Sep 23, 2001 3:34 AM
You're gonna hear it from someone, so it might as well be me - it depends on which one fits you better. Colnagos generally have steeper angles and a shorter top tube, the Vortex will generally have shallower angles and a longer top tube. You might be able to fit either, but you'll probably be better balanced and happier on one than the other. If you don't know what kind of geometry you like, it'd be worth paying for a professional fit before you lay down the kind of cash these bikes cost.

re: Colnago CT-1 or Litespeed Vortex?CT1 Guy
Sep 23, 2001 3:39 AM
Don't you know anything about Italian frame geometry? - I think you'll find it's the other way round.
geometry varies...C-40
Sep 23, 2001 5:14 AM
Colnago geometry changes with frame size more than Litespeed. In a 55cm for example a Colnago has a 74 degree STA and a 54.3cm TT, while Litespeed has a 73 degree STA and 55.5cm TT. Once you correct for the difference in STA, the two frames have the same effective TT length.

In a 61cm uses a 72.5 STA, with a 59cm TT, while Colnago uses a 73 STA with a 58.2cm TT. Correcting for the difference in STA makes the Colnago TT effectively 58.9cm, virtually identical to the Litespeed.

Some sizes of Colnago have the same 73 degree STA as Litespeed and a TT that is up to 1cm shorter than Litespeed (57cm frame size).
colnago geometry ...colker
Sep 23, 2001 1:43 PM
don't colnagos have a slacker headt. angle? i've seen geometry charts with 71.5 on 54's colnagos! is this true? if so, no wonder they are made to work with longer stems. maybe their fork's rake brings everything back to "normal" behaviour but then this is becoming too complex for my primitive understanding of bike geometry.
ahh.. i've never ridden one! why am i posting all this nonsense?
Neither. All the taste without the calories - Macalu! Huh?Dog Breath
Sep 23, 2001 11:47 AM
Call to confirm, but my best guess is that their Ti frame is made in the same Russian facility as the Colnago. If you don't like the paint, there is plenty of fiscal room to have it redone by a master.
Good Pointpmf1
Sep 24, 2001 4:10 AM
I've heard the Macalu is made by the same Russian builder as the Colnago. They sure look similar. I've also heard that Russian ti isn't as good as U.S. ti. With the Litespeed you get a warranty and company that stands behind their product. With Colnago, good luck if it ever breaks. I've seen close-outs on LS bikes at Labicicletta and Colorado Cyclist lately. My guess is that they're "improving" their line for 2002. Good time to get one.

Hard to beat the Colnago on paint job though ...

As far as geometry goes, don't fear the Colnago. I've got a 56 cm Colnago and a 56 cm Litespeed. They both fit me fine. Both have the same length stem and the saddle is set back the same on each bike. If I'd ever think of getting shorter stem on one of them, it would be the Colnago. So don't listen to all these folks claiming Colnago has a funny geometry that only fits a few people. Would they be in busines for over 45 years if that were true? They're as common in Italy as Trek is here.