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Newbie question: Trek 2200 or Bianci Veloce?(3 posts)

Newbie question: Trek 2200 or Bianci Veloce?eoind
Sep 22, 2001 6:25 PM
This will be my first road bike. I have been riding a mountain bike on the road for fitness training and averaging about 60-70 miles per week. I would like to think that I will increase that figure when I get my road bike. I do not plan to race. I have test ridden several Treks, Giants, LeMonds, Specialized and Bianci bikes and have concluded that the Trek 2200, (2002 model, w/ 105/Ultegra mix), and Bianci Veloce, (2001 model w/Veloce), are the best fitting bikes for me in the price range I am aiming for. I only rode each bike for about 20 minutes, but these two bikes just felt far more comfortable, (on hoods and drops), than the others. There's only $30 difference in price between the two, so that's not an issue. Both LBS seem really helpful and are willing to exchange parts to get the perfect fit for me, but it's hardly fair to ask them what bike is better for me, (neither LBS sells the other bike).

Will I notice the extra weight of the steel Bianci when climbing? Will I really notice the harsher ride from the Aluminium on longer rides? I didn't notice any significant difference during the test rides. Does anyone out there have any opinions on either bike that might be useful for a new road biker who will be using his new bike for fitness training in a hilly area? Any genuine advice in helping me make this decision would be greatly appreciated. I could hardly sleep last night thinking about this.

re: Newbie question: Trek 2200 or Bianci Veloce?Tig
Sep 22, 2001 6:59 PM
I have an older 2200 (exact same frame as the new ones) and am looking forward to replacing the frame. Your weight and frame size are a factor. I'm on a 52 cm, which is ultra stiff and rides rougher than what a big guy on a 60 cm might feel. For an aluminum framed bike it is a little heavy, but good for the price. If you want to race, it may be a better bike. For centuries, you may want to comfy Bianci. A little weight means nothing. A full water bottle negates the difference between different bike's weights!

I haven't ridden the Bianci, so I can't comment on it. What's good for me may not be good for anyone else. I don't race anymore, but love to ride in fast groups. Climbing is not an everyday thing for our local rides here. I'm looking for something more comfortable for my bones on longer rides, so I'm going with Foco steel or Dedacciai steel with carbon stays. Maybe Ti if I can scrape up enough $. So, my comments may mean nothing to your needs.

Only YOU can decide what is best. It's gotta' fit like a glove or else you've wasted your money.
re: Newbie question: Trek 2200 or Bianci Veloce?steveF
Sep 24, 2001 8:08 PM
Just my opinion (opinions are plentiful and cheap), but I think that you should go with the Bianchi Veloce. I don't like aluminum because it is so stiff--go with a steel frame if you aren't going to race, and especially if you are going to do long rides. The steel will be more comfortable.

I have a Veloce, as well as a high-end titanium bike. The Veloce, if properly fit, will be very comfortable. It will definitely be fine for climbing (I do a lot of climbing, 4-7,000 feet of climbing on each ride).

If you do go with aluminum, don't get very high pressure tires--the combo of high pressure tires and aluminum frame will beat you up!