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Schwinn/ GT officially dead today........sigh.(22 posts)

Schwinn/ GT officially dead today........sigh.JS
Sep 21, 2001 9:14 AM
This is an e-mail from a friend who works at GT:

That's it.

Schwinn/GT as you know it is gone at 5:00 today.

Monday morning, the only people remaining here will be a select few chosen to be a "transition team" to move everything to Pacific's Madison, Wisconsin headquarters. No current employee has accepted a permanent position in Wisconsin. Next years product ( '02 ) will be the stuff we designed here. The '03 stuff will be who knows what. Schwinn and GT will be sold in Wal-Mart and Costco. Dyno, Robinson, Powerlite are gone. Riteway Distribution is gone.

The average adult bike sold in the US gets ridden once.
Those bikes belong in Walmart.Dog Breath
Sep 21, 2001 9:19 AM
Generic, mass produced bikes for the common man. The transition is a step forward for cycling, and cycling enthusiasts.

The LBS will just have to stock more Trek.
Are you serious?JS
Sep 21, 2001 9:31 AM
What do you ride?
Indeed I am serious.Dog Breath
Sep 21, 2001 10:27 AM
The weak fall by the wayside. The strong shall live on.
Surely their demise happened for a reason?

What I ride is irrelevant. I would however, be proud to ride a Schwinn Paramount, or any other of the Waterford creations. (Love the vintage Stingrays and what not as well). Glory days, they will pass you buy in the wink of an eye.
'step forward?'peloton
Sep 21, 2001 9:37 AM
I guess if it isn't a hand built, lugged Italian steel bike with C-Record on it than it isn't worth anything? This is hardly a 'step forward' for cycling and cycling enthusiasts. This is a huge blow to cycling as a whole.
Dog breath- I actually have an Italian friend who had me get him a Schwinn mountain bike this past year because he said that the Americans still make the best mountain bikes. He was fairly impressed with my road bike as well. I know another euro pro (who is doing well in the Vuelta right now) who says American bikes only lack tradition.

Rumor has it that Litespeed may step in as a bike sponsor to Lotto-Addeco next season to replace GT. Specialized is also rumored to have the Aqua a sapone team in their eyes as well to replace Festine. Aqua a sapone was known as Cantina Tollo this year, and has signed Mario Cipollini, Danielo DeLuca, and Gilberto Simoni for next season. Hopefully some American companies will be able to keep some exposure in the euro peloton next year.
Those bikes belong in Walmart.CraigVM
Sep 21, 2001 8:02 PM
Yes they do, and anywhere else that they may be bought. Perhaps by some young future Lemond or Armstrong who can talk their parents into buying them one. I think if you ask most any one who has had their chance to wear a yellow jersey or assemble frames that people are willing to spend thousands of dollars for, if their start into cycling envolved a department store bike, you will get a yes. I wouldn't give anything for my memories as a kid riding around the neighborhood on my Schwinn. That same brand was as good of a bike as I could afford to purchase so to join in with club rides when I was older. To say that such bikes are for the "common man" just states that most everyone, even the cycling greats have something INCOMMON
Schwinn and GT will be missed by anyone who has any appreciation as to what Cycleing is all about. The Joy To Ride...
re: Schwinn/ GT officially dead today........sigh.ColnagoFE
Sep 21, 2001 9:32 AM
Sorry to hear that. I know a few people who work/worked there. Nice people making good stuff.
Bummer......Blue 'Goose
Sep 21, 2001 10:18 AM
And I have a Schwinn Road bike and my wife has a Schwinn
mountain bike.

I owned a Schwinn Sting-ray at one time and my first
road bike was a Schwinn too.

And the GT stuff made recently is really good too.
I liked the Zaskar hardtails they made and the ZR
series of road bikes. So now what?

The Schwinn stuff that's been made is also
good, especially the Homegrown line. I also
liked the Fastback road series.

I wasn't aware of the sad statistic regarding the average
adult bike. I've definetely gone beyond the one ride

Hopefully something good will happen.
Man, I worked there for 10 years. I was awfully proudMB1
Sep 21, 2001 10:40 AM
of what we did and who I worked with. It was never the same after Richard Long died.

I guess I got out just in time. It is a sad day indeed.
2 great companies. I especially loved GT, an amazing design teamGT lover
Sep 21, 2001 10:50 AM
Jim Busby was the best suspension designer ever. This is extremely sad. Anyone know where Jim Busby went? I want to buy one of his frames. Serious!
Sep 21, 2001 10:53 AM
Where are you? Who are you working for?

I need a new FS MTB and youre the best engineer for the job.

LTS and I-Drive are some of the best creations ever.
Don't forget he designed the RTS that Julie Fertado won aMB1
Sep 21, 2001 10:55 AM
championship on the first day she rode it.
I think for its day (non-active sus. designs), the RTS was greatGT lover
Sep 21, 2001 1:06 PM
on paper, but i never liked its ride. I was an active lover from day one. The LTS stole my heart. I still have one that is my primary scoot. Its sweet with the full needle bearing kit and a Fox Float shock and all the XTR goodies.

I really believe this is one of the best bikes ever. The only reason they stopped making it is because the BIG S in Morgan HIll started enforcing their patent on the Horst rear end.

Not at all saying the I drive is a slouch. Its a great design also.
Brush with greatness: Julie FurtadoTig
Sep 21, 2001 4:08 PM
About 6 weeks before she won her first world championship and before most knew of her, I got to ride with her and Susan Dibiase on the cross country ski trails of Winter Park. It didn't last long when they blew us away on the first steep climb! I already knew of her from her road, MTB, and skiing wins. I was in the best riding form of my life and she just flew away like she had rockets on her bike. One helluva rider! She was riding a Klien at the time.
Check with the Laguna Rads. He is a member. nmMB1
Sep 21, 2001 10:53 AM
Thanks, Ill check into that. He and Dave WOnderly huh?GT lover
Sep 21, 2001 1:09 PM
MB1 you amaze me with your bike industry knowledge. Who are you and where do you work???:)
whither Syncros?club
Sep 21, 2001 10:56 AM
man if Syncros is history, that's the biggest shame of the whole sad affair. Wish they'd have stayed in Canada, eh? Do you think Walmart will be stocking Syncros BB replacement bearings?
Syncros had been sucking before it was bought.Atombomber
Sep 21, 2001 11:11 AM
Syncros used to be good. Then they started to get lazy and greedy. Quality started to decline, and prices kept getting higher. Just before the move to California, I broke a Syncros post, and had it exchanged at their Vancouver location on Vernon Street. The 27.2mm diameter post actually measured 27.1mm, but by the time I realized this, the company had split town. I only now have a Syncros DH front hub on one of my mountain bikes. I have switched to Blackspire for seat posts, stems, and rings for my mountain bikes.

As to you bearngs, just contact a large bearing supplier with the measurements or part number of the bearing you want to replace. Syncros used readily available bearings for their hubs and bottom brackets.
I saw a GT MTB atACE
Sep 21, 2001 4:49 PM
Sam's Club today.
The Costco battle is on:Elefantino
Sep 21, 2001 6:22 PM
Cannondale R4000si for $199.99
Schwinn Fastback Comp for $189.00
(Some assembly required. Batteries not included.)
Sep 22, 2001 5:35 AM
I think we're all overreacting here a bit.

The loss of the current Schwinn/GT staff will be a serious blow to the company in the future, but PAcific's acquisition does NOT necessarily mean that Schwinns and GTs will suddenly become inferior, department store bikes.

I think we have to ask why Pacific acquired the brands in the first place, particularly when it already has it own brands in the Walmarts of the world. I wouldn't want to be overly optimistic, but I don't think there is cause to be deathly pessimistic, either. It seems entirely reasonable to me that Pacific acquired Scwinn/GT so that it WOULD have high-end brands, unaffected by the Walgoose taint, to sell through LBSes.

I mean, why buy a bike company with as much cachet as Schwinn/GT and then kill the cachet? Not to dis either Schwinns or GTs, which I find to be just marvellous bikes, on the whole, but cachet is pretty much the ONLY thing that they have in a world of Treks and Specialized. They're no worse than the T&S brands, but they're no better either; they're mass-produced aluminum bikes with Shimano components.

In terms of marketing -- and aside from subjective rider impressions like ride quality and fit that determine which bike of several a consumer might buy -- Schwinn and GT are ONLY valuble assets to Pacific for their brand capital. I doubt that Pacific is in that much of a rush ro dilute the brand that much.

This is just conjecture, but I suspect the brands will be sold to different markets in different channels:

Mongoose: Department stores, some sports stores. Starter mountain bikes and hybrids.

Schwinn: General sports stores and LBSes. The all-american bike for the mid-range market. Starter road bikes [goodbye Fastback Pro, hello Super Sport], entry-level MTBs, hybrids and cruisers.

GT: LBSes. The premium brand, by reason of its associations and race cred. Quality road bikes in the $1100-$2200 range, Quality MTBs, pro/comp BMXes.

The funny thing is that, with three distinct brand identities, Pacific is well-placed now to play right across the channels. I suspect that's what it WANTS out of this deal.

Again, this is conjecture. I have no inside knowledge whatsoever.
Sep 22, 2001 4:17 PM
Part of the reason that Pacific purchased them was the schwinn name which is considered to have the highest name recognition among adults according to bicycle retailer. They don't really want GT but the two companies were sold together. If the average parent is sitting in a store looking at huffy and schwinn they're probably going to buy the schwinn. Huffy has already shown that your idea won't work when they had Raleigh in the 80s. TTFN