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Avocet tires--opinions?(2 posts)

Avocet tires--opinions?Trent in WA
Sep 20, 2001 9:30 PM
(I've posted this to a couple of the groups on Usenet--sorry if some of your are getting this twice.)

I have a tire comparison question: My road bike, which I got three months ago, came spec'd with IRC Red Storm 700x25 tires. I've never really thought that they felt particularly supple or "grippy," though they haven't driven me crazy either, and since this is my first decent road bike, I have very little to compare them to.

I have heard and read some positive things about Avocets, I'm thinking about picking up a pair of the Fasgrip Criterium 700x25s before I ride in a metric century this coming weekend. My question: How do they compare to the Red Storms? Will I notice a difference, and if so, what sort of difference might they make?

FWIW, the LBS that stocks them only has the Kevlar-belted versions.

Trent in WA
re: Avocet tires--opinions?Andy M-S
Sep 21, 2001 2:46 AM
Avocet Fasgrips are nice tires; they're actually made in the same factory as the IRC tires, and, like the IRCs, tend to run a bit narrow (Avocet 700x25 is smaller than Michelin 700x23).

The Fasgrips are of course slick, and pumped properly, roll very nicely. Be sure to rub them over to remove the mold-release compound before riding on them--it's slippery stuff.

My own experience has been that neither the IRC nor Avocet tires are terribly durable--I got less than 1,000 miles out of a pair, but I'm on the heavy side and YMMV.