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Vuelta, Stage 12(9 posts)

Vuelta, Stage 12raboboy
Sep 20, 2001 8:37 AM
Wow. Nice time trial again by Leipheimer. Also for Rubiera.

Beloki lost another 3:00? I am feeling abit sorry for him. He was riding a great race until yesterday's mountains. I hope he can recover and get back near the top where he belongs.

Can anyone compete with Jimenez right now? He looks to be in top form right now. If he keeps riding like he has been recently, he will definately take first.

Thats all. :)
re: Vuelta, Stage 12Jon
Sep 20, 2001 8:45 AM
Yahoo! The mail is getting delivered in Spain. Postal's now 1st in the team standings. I agree,
Jimenez looks good for 1st on GC. Great race.
re: Vuelta, Stage 12Wayne
Sep 20, 2001 11:20 AM
I think Casero has to be the big favorite, barring a collapse. Of the top GC guys only Leipheimer can TT with him and he's 2 minutes behind. USPS took the stage but Cycling4all has Banesto as the Team leader still, 6:30 ahead of USPS.
Jimenez Is Looking Threateningazdave
Sep 20, 2001 8:58 AM
It is nice to see those three Postal riders in the thick of things. Heras is running out of chances to make up time though, and it might be too late as Jimenez is really in top form. Jimenez well deserves the King of the Mountains title, and I think Banesto is strong enough to help him win the Vuelta overall. The only good thing about Jimenez moving up in the standings is that Kelme and Once will have to help mark him, and I think the other teams allowed him to launch solo attacks because of his low standings at the time. That's going to change now, unless of course no one can keep up.
He can't time trialmr_spin
Sep 20, 2001 9:41 AM
Jiminez looks awesome in the mountains, but his downfall will be that he can't time trial. He is famous for it, in fact.

Yes, he won the mountain time trial today, but that is a different beast. In the flat time trials he came in 5:23 and 1:17 down. If the pattern continues, he'll have to build up a lead of around 6:00 to survive the final TT. That's not going to happen.

He'll take KOM for sure, but not the overall. I've been sticking by Heras from the start, but I'm starting to waver.
Consider this for "El Chaba"...Cima Coppi
Sep 20, 2001 9:48 AM
There are not many mountain top finishes left in the Vuelta, and the final stage is a flat ITT into Madrid. Jimenez finished 57th (@5:23 down) in the first flat ITT on stage 7. The other teams now see him as a major threat, so he will continue to be marked on the few remaining mountain stages. With Heras coming into form, and having a strong climbing team around him, USPS and Kelme can really work together to bring back attacks from iBanesto. I still think the Posties have a good chance at putting Heras or Levi into the Golden Jersey, if Levi can keep up his incredible form.

My choice a couple of days ago, Beloki, bombed in a way no one could have predicted, and the same may happen to anyone of the riders in the top 5 at the pace they are currently riding.

This is a great one!!

Consider this for LeviI Love Shimano
Sep 20, 2001 3:40 PM
USPS should try to get Leipheimer into the Golden Jersey. Heras just doesn't look like he's in form. He hasn't shown much in the mountains. Did you see last night's time trial (it was nighttime here)? Heras was very dissapointed with his 12th (?) place finish. On the other hand, Levi is having a great race.

Just wondering, why wasn't Jimenez visible during the TdF? Looks like he climbs and breaks away well.
Consider this for LeviWayne
Sep 21, 2001 6:28 AM
I think he was having the same problem Armstrong did in showing himself during the Giro, that is, he wasn't racing in it. But seriously, the cycling world doesn't revolve entirely around the TdF and not all great riders target it as their main objective. Clearly it is the biggest media event and therefore all teams want to be represented but the Giro is often more important for Italian riders as is the Vuelta for Spanish riders. As for Levi, I think USPS is clearly treating both him and Heras as leaders, not since the 1st mountain stage has he done anything to sacrifice his GC place for Heras' sake. Rubiera even waited for him and paced him when he cracked on the last mtn. stage towards the end. What could USPS do for him to get him into the lead, he hasn't yet shown he can climb away from the best? I think he will just have to remain within striking distance and hope he can put enough time into the climbers during the final TT.
The reason El Chaba wasn't in TdFtrimble
Sep 22, 2001 4:06 AM
He was recovering from an illness (mono I believe) and absolutely had no form to do the Tour.

That said, Jiminez is, by far, the strongest rider in the Vuelta. It's great to see the Spainish riders fight it out for the golden jersey - quite a contrast to the Tour where the French realistically never had a chance for overall victory.