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Road bike with front/rear disc brakes spotted. . .(6 posts)

Road bike with front/rear disc brakes spotted. . .js5280
Sep 19, 2001 8:14 AM
Driving around Boulder and passed this guy on a road bike with front and rear disc brakes! Looked for Elvis and Bigfoot but didn't see them there. I wasn't close enougth to see if it was setup for cyclocross, but that would be my guess. I'm pretty sure the frame name was Steve and I couldn't make out a last name as it obscurred by the guy's leg. It appeared to be a fairly new bike, nice and shiny paint, crayola green. The interesting thing was the discs were quite small and close to the hub, maybe 4" and mostly solid with holes drilled, not like the typical 6-8" hoops you see on a MTB. Anyone else know about this bike? Should I alert the National Enquirior?
Not sure about the bike butzelig
Sep 19, 2001 10:55 AM
I was in Berlin earlier this year and one of the bikes stores had a Nishiki lightweight commuter bike, AL frame, set up with Nexus 7 spd and disk brakes front and rear. Like you said, the disk diameter was small and drilled. You can see it at the Nishiki European website for German bikes. For those who commute/ride a lot in the rain or with heavy downhills, it's definitely of interest. Stupidly, I did not note the manufacturer although my guess it's Shimano.
Nexave roller brakes?cyclopathic
Sep 19, 2001 1:07 PM
they look like disks.
I'd guess they should be on SHimano Europe site
Cannondale Jekylchris zeller
Sep 19, 2001 12:30 PM
Saw this bike yesterday at REI. It looked like it was a multi-pourpous commuter/mountain/cyclocross/road bike that was sold with narrow perhaps 23c wheels and disk brakes. It also has full suspension. It looks like a MTB with road wheels.
It is....grzy
Sep 19, 2001 1:49 PM
Both the Jekyll and Bad Boy are really just MTB's with enough clearence to run 700C road wheels by virute of disc brakes. It's a strech to call either one of thes bikes a true road bike. BTW - I run a Jekyll for my MTB, but have stuck with direct pull brakes for now.
re: Road bike with front/rear disc brakes spotted. . .bsenez
Sep 20, 2001 5:56 AM
cannondale makes a 700c commuter bikes called the bad boy with discs, and also diamondback makes a cyclocross bikes with discs (check it out on their website). although i personally have not seen either or anything similar yet...