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I WANT TO RIDE!!! boo hoo!(2 posts)

I WANT TO RIDE!!! boo hoo!mlbd
Sep 18, 2001 2:10 PM
rocovery is a b*tch! i did my first century about a week and a half ago. actually i did quite a bit more than a century since i got lost near the end of the course...oh well. i had a great time, but my ITB acted up during and after the ride more seriously than it ever has. in the week after the century i did some easy spins and an easy rail trail ride on my Mt. Bike. Then this past sunday i tried to do a more challenging ride involving some climbs and my ITB said "NO WAY!!" i had to cut it short and head home after the first steep hill. in addition to the knee pain my muscles were still a bit spent.

so now my favorite biking weather is here and i have to stay off the bike, probably for at least two weeks to give my knee a chance to calm down. doing the usual icing, stretching, resting. i'll try some easy rides again in two weeks and hope for the best, but not being able to ride on these absolutely beautiful days really bums me out.

the ride i did offered various lengths and difficulties and i waffled between doing the hilly century or the flat metric. i went with the mountains, despite knowing that i would probably pay for it. i absolutely had a blast and the ride was beautiful, bu now i'm wondering if the flat course would have been smarter.

oh well, i guess i'll have to enjoy this weather on foot!! anybody else have similar experiences?
i lost month and a halfWagnerite
Sep 18, 2001 7:54 PM
due to an accident wit car, tail bone is still not completely healed yet. but seems to be ok to ride. just started riding yesterday. did 20miles and feel pretty good. but basicall i lost a month and a half of precious summer time. i know how you feel