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LOOK frame question(8 posts)

LOOK frame questionHighgear
Sep 17, 2001 4:55 PM
Can any one give me some feedback on the 281 or 271? Hopfully someone on this board rides a larger look frame because larger frames tend to flex at the BB and I'm looking at a 62cm frame size. How is the flex, comfort and handling on fast descents? Any info would be a big help.
271 here.look271
Sep 17, 2001 6:00 PM
I am 6' 185. I find it to be very stable w/ very little bb flex. Has a "springy" feel to it without chain rub. I highly recommend them. Which are you looking at? They don't make the 271 anymore:-( FWIW; I ride a 58 c-t.Very comfortable and I haven't ridden a bike that is more stable than this.
The 281Highgear
Sep 17, 2001 6:26 PM
I have an old 99' Look catalog that had the 271 in it. I would have gone for that one but since they don't make it anymore I guess it's the 281. I'm 6'2" 175-180. I would be getting the 62cm. Sounds like something I would be interested in. Do you know any sources for a good deal on them? Parker-international has them for about $1200.
Check this out.look271
Sep 17, 2001 6:47 PM About the same price, I think. Comes from Northern Ireland, if it matters to you. The 281 and the 271 had the same geometry; the 271 just had different tubes. You'll really love the bike!
Thanks NMHighgear
Sep 18, 2001 1:14 AM
Check this out.Dave Hickey
Sep 18, 2001 3:16 AM
Also look at I bought a LOOK241 from them. I don't think any of the UK (Parker,Saddlesore,Total Cycling)sites actually stock the frames, they just order it from the UK distributor. I say this because when I was looking for my frame, all three had the exact same sizes "in stock". Saddlesore gave me great service.
re: LOOK frame questionjaybird
Sep 18, 2001 4:19 AM
For bigger riders, LOOK recomends the KG386 it is significantly stiffer in the bottom bracket. It is actually a little cheaper than the 281. GBut I am still saving my pennies for one. The other thing to make sure of is size. The geometry on LOOKs is very similar to that of Lemonds. I ride a 59cm Litespeed but would only ride a 57cm LOOK. I am 6'3" with a 34 inseam...

Since all of the frames with the exception of the 386 changed for this year, you might find some pretty good deals on the 281 or even the 261. Stay away from the 171 it is a couple years old and was known to be pretty spongey to a larger rider.

well, that is my $.02... Good Luck

Ride on,
re: LOOK frame questionDave Hickey
Sep 18, 2001 8:05 AM
Jay has good advise, I have a 286 and it's very stiff. If you want to wait for the new frames, the KX has larger tubes than the 281/381. It is supposed to be very stiff.
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