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The Under-lying Illness: YMTD (in jest--and kinda long)(7 posts)

The Under-lying Illness: YMTD (in jest--and kinda long)Kristin
Sep 17, 2001 2:55 PM
Yes, I've discovered that I have a disease. This disease has been the cause of all my cycling woes. The latest being a bought with ITBS (Ilio-Tibial Band Syndrom). This hurt like a sonuhva... gun! :-)

Remember that I fell ill last Friday and was forced off the bike for 7 days. Actaully, I only rode once in 14 days. Then off to ride a metrice for the BoyScouts.

Metric Report:

Hit the road at 8am....Love those flats.
Can't resist the urge to mash....Two gears too big....Typical.
Good pace for 15 miles....Nice tail wind.
Turn right....Turn right again....Headwinds now....Refuse to back off.
Mile 50....My knee hurts.
Mile 60....I'm lost....My knee really hurts.
Must carry bike down flight of stairs....Ouch....Crying now.
4 miles to go....Oops gravel....Too fast....Wipeout.
To home and ice.
I feel better now and tell myself to never do that again.

So, while searching for info on ITBS, I discovered my real & true problem to be YMTD: Young Male Testosterone Disease. Don't ask how I caught this. I'm not sure. I don't believe its contageous and I haven't needed to shave anything unusual yet.

This is all in jest. I had a nice ride for the first half. But learned a lot about pacing for distance and mashing. I thought it would be fun to post.
re: Wait till it progresses to OMTDAkirasho
Sep 17, 2001 3:18 PM
... You'll make medical history!

We abide.

Remain In Light.
I've got OMDT and it ain't no fun NMDINOSAUR
Sep 17, 2001 4:17 PM
Watch Out!Jon
Sep 17, 2001 5:45 PM

You can get it from toilet seats, door knobs, God knows where. It's insidious. But once chronically
and fatally infected, lots of fun. Just look at Dino and me!
re: The Under-lying Illness: YMTD (in jest--and kinda long)peloton
Sep 17, 2001 6:35 PM
I've had problems with ITBS too. I always used to push huge gears with a slower cadence. I really had to teach myself to spin faster, smaller gears. I took a while, but my knee bothers me a lot less now.

Hint for ITBS and YMTD- Stay away, far away, from Mt. Washington's hillclimb. Result- YMTD says to try to ride up to Tyler Hamilton two rows ahead of you at the start . (When the gun when off, he disappeared upward like a homesick angel) ITBS says this hill is kicking your @ss.
Kristin, you need rollers. Now, I'm being serious. You willbill
Sep 18, 2001 6:47 PM
hurt yourself, undoubtedly, but, face it, that's going to happen if you were home on the couch watching TV. And then you can tell us about it, and you can, well, be Kristin.
But I am deadly serious about the rollers. Rollers simply do not allow you to mash. You will smooth out your spin, and I have to believe that your injuries and tribulations will lessen if you smooth out your stroke.
I'm not trying to divert you from your evident destiny to experience every possible cycling mishap in world-record time (the land-misfortune speed record), but, depending on your commitment to that destiny, you may want to give it some thought.
Your so funny I don't know if I want toKristin
Sep 19, 2001 11:23 AM
laugh or swear at you! Believe it or not, my misfortune spreads way beyond the bike. It encompasses the entire mechanical world. I do want to get rollers. I'm hoping to find an used set of Minnoras (sp?).