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Q: info on older colnago's ???? any sites(7 posts)

Q: info on older colnago's ???? any sitesdupe
Sep 17, 2001 6:51 AM

i would like to know more about a colnago frame that i bought (build date, weight, any teams that rode them, original price etc) but am not getting very far.

any page other than the colnago website with more specific articles on different era frames? would like to build it to look period (groupset, wheels, tape) except for pedals and seat but have not seen a pic for reference.

i have a master piu. what is piu? and what does it differ from other early master's? i have a pic attached but dont worry i have gotten rid of all the lairy decals.

any ideas or direction is appreciated
Master Piuzelig1
Sep 17, 2001 8:50 AM
Made in the late 80's-early 90's. If I recall correctly, SLX in the smaller sizes and SPX in the larger sizes except for the downtube which in both cases, was drawn to Colnago's specifications by Columbus in the conic configuration. I think the frame predated 8spd set ups and that the rear triangle is 126mm unless it's been spread later.

You might want to try Colorado Cyclist for information as they sold these frames in their earlier catalogs which included weights and specifics on the tubing. Period groupset would be Campy C-Record, freewheel hubs, with Synchro DT shifters.

As for Master Piu, I've long since forgotten.
Master Piudupe
Sep 17, 2001 12:52 PM
i dont know about slx......

had a feel inside the tubing and cant feel any ridges.

all three main tubes are square section - cant see many external differences to current master x-light's. but am certain that it is heavier. the geometry also looks close to the current frame setup.

still looking for more clues/info......
Say dupezelig1
Sep 18, 2001 2:22 AM
After reading your response, I realized I made a mistake and was referring to the Conic model. Master Piu was the early version of what is currently the Masterlight. Master Piu in English translates to Master Plus. I don't recall if there was a Master before the Master Piu model. Earlier versions came in the retinanto finish. Bicycling Magazine reviewed one of these, possibly a Master Piu, in the 80's and you're correct, it was not light. Equipped with C-Record and tubs, its was 22 lbs. plus. It was made out of Columbus Gilco tubing (not to be confused with the MS set) which featured the shaped profile in the three main frame tubes, drawn to Ernesto's specifications. Your picture shows a later version as the early models pre-dated the Prescia fork with its straight blades. Another review was done by Bicycle Guide of a pro team Wordperfect Master Piu, again either in the late 80's or early 90's and this one had the Prescia fork. Unfortunately all my old mags and catalogs are in storage but maybe someone else out there still has these issues (O'Neils cycles of Worcester, MA, now out of business, produced a lot of catalogs with the various Colnago's over the years).
Yikes, Delta brakes! I had them on a Tommasini so I'm guilty -NMTig
Sep 17, 2001 9:16 AM
From the Golden Age of CyclingDog Breath
Sep 17, 2001 9:25 PM
Try this site, he has a number of built of older Colnagos that may be original:

Here is a beautiful C Record ride, although not a Colnago, it is an original museum piece:

C-Record used both friction and Syncro" sytems. Most riders shunned Syncro. Another C Record option were the beautiful Cobalto brakes which were favored by Indurain during mountain stages of the major tours. They had an exclusive Record brake lever without quick release.

Croce D__? was another very nice Campagnolo groupo from this period.

Some nice bikes from this general period with Campy C Record:
One clue on original equipment.Dog Breath
Sep 17, 2001 9:44 PM
If the brake calipers are original to the bike, it came with a later version of the C Record Groupo. The later Delta calipers had black bellows and tire guides.

The later C Record rear derailleur was a more modern looking design, without the earlier aero features. The later brake levers for Delta brakes lacked the reach adjustment of the earlier models.