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Cold Weather Gear(7 posts)

Cold Weather GearGibby391
Sep 16, 2001 12:16 PM
This is going to be my first winter on a bike and I just wanted some recomendations on what brands and types of gear I should buy. Thanks Scott
Try this site...Curtis
Sep 16, 2001 12:55 PM They were a great resource for me last year, my first year of winter commuting. My best advice is don't overdress. You should actually feel cold before you get on the bike. Trust me, you will warm up in a hurry. I rode last year down to 9 degrees F and was always hot on the bike.

Good luck
Commuting or training?Kerry Irons
Sep 16, 2001 3:32 PM
Your use of the bike has a strong influence on your cold weather gear. If you're commuting, then you might benefit from rain pants/jacket to cut the wind. For shorter distances/easier efforts, you can wear the rain suit over work clothes and be just fine. Top it off with gloves and a hat under your helmet and you're good to go. For training, you're talking tights and wind-front jerseys. Of course, you never said where you live - winter in Minnesota or winter on the Gulf Coast are two different things.
From Northeast Florida...Elefantino
Sep 16, 2001 4:51 PM
...where it gets in the 30s some mornings when I'm training:
• I have fallen in love with Performance's Innova polypro jerseys. They are the best I've used for our "winter" and are made for much colder climes. They're also on sale in the catalog (last year's colors, $24.99, half off).
• We moved from Utah, so I still have my ear warmer headband from skiing, which I also use. Sometimes I even use my neoprene mask on really cold days.
• A DeFeet undershirt is a must. They're the best for cold- and warm-weather riding.
• I also wear bib tights (heavy lycra, from Nashbar, I forget what they're called) with a chamois. I don't like layering lower-region garments for fear of chafing.
• Pearl Izumi makes a nice set of winter gloves. I bought a full size larger so I can wear my half-finger gloves inside 'em. I stuff my jersey sleeves inside, too.
• Shoe covers are a must. I have the full bootie kind, whicn I waterproofed (Pearl Izumi).
• Oh, and don't forget to use Vaseline on your face (cheeks and nose) and ChapStick for your lips. Frostbite isn't fun.
Definitely windproof breathable stuff...DT
Sep 16, 2001 6:42 PM
Last Dec I moved from NC to Mississippi, and couldn't believe how cold it was. Fortunately I already had a pair of North Face Gore-tex Windstopper gloves. On really cold days (20 deg) I would wear them with a thin liner underneath, and I was fine for 3hr rides. I ended up buying a Moonstone jacket with mesh vents up the, too, is made of fleece-windstopper type material, like the gloves. Under that I would wear a summer sleeveless Nike athletic shirt, and maybe a long sleeve polypropolene shirt. Those would suffice for a 3r ride. On reall cold days, I would wer gore-tex socks...kinda bulky, but well worth it. The Moonstone jacket I found online at Eastern Mountain Sports (I forget the actual website...just search for it) for $79 on sale from $195! Best clothing buy I made all year! Good luck!
re: Cold Weather Gearsalmonwheel
Sep 17, 2001 9:35 AM
First thing is you should feel cold when you start riding, otherwise you will be soaked with sweat within a couple of miles. In terms of what you need, it depends on where you live. I live in Michigan, where it gets pretty cold in the winter with a good amount of snow. As suggested above, you should go to the icebike website, and maybe join the listserve. If you get a lot of ice you might consider studded tires, especially if commuting. Last year was my first winter commuting (took the bus three days, biked the rest). My experience pointed out a few things. 1)Worry more about wind proofing than insulation, a typical commute left me with a frozen face, cold feet, cold hands and hot everything else. 2)Buy good gloves and consider wearing latex gloves underneath for really cold days. Feet are a perpetual problem, haven't found an adequate solution, but I survive with double socks. When it was real cold (single digits and colder) I needed to stuff a wool sock in my my crotch. You don't want to find that out the hard way. Gekko gear has some nice winter tights that are reviewed on the icebike website. Good luck and welcome to the club.
re: Cold Weather GearGibby391
Sep 18, 2001 5:59 PM
Hey guys, Thanks for all the help. Scott